Desktop Investigations are an invaluable tool in obtaining detailed information and can build a profile for court, corporate and surveillance files.  A desktop investigation is performed by our experienced private investigators and clients are provided with a detailed report of their findings.  You may require a desktop investigation to;

~ Locate a missing person or debtor
~ Perform background checks on a business and/or associates
~ Locate a court witness
~ Employment due diligence

The Investigation process can be a combination of a background check and skip trace report.  The team at Aus Covert Investigation gather information from numerous specialist database’s, social media and the wider internet.

A Desktop Investigation can also provide key information when preparing a surveillance case.  We pride ourselves on obtaining our clients objectives quickly and in a professional manner.  Aus Cvert Investigation perform desktop investigations daily and can assist you in your upcoming investigation.  Please call 1800 553 788 or email to discuss your objectives.