Fraud is a serious offence and more commonly, a fraud investigation can be sensitive an overwhelming to the person or business relating to the matter.  You may believe you or your business are being targeted with fraud.  Aus Covert Investigations can help you resolve the matter in a professional and timely manner.  Public access to information is limited, whereas licensed private investigators have access to databases and surveillance tools that are not readily available to the general public.

Do you need to investigate a private or corporate fraud matter?

Our highly trained private investigators can help you investigate your potential or current fraud situation.

Types of Fraud Investigations include:

~ Insurance Fraud

~ Identity Theft

~Benefit Fraud

~WorkCover Fraud

~False Advertising

~Franchise Fraud

~Register Fraud

~Product Fraud

~ Receipt Fraud

~ Credit Card Fraud

~ Marriage Fraud

As part of our Fraud claim service we can provide:

~ Record of interviews

~ Statements

~ Comprehensive surveillance reports

~ Photosensitive and urgency

~ Topography and video evidence

To discuss your Fraud investigation matter, please call 1800 553 788 or email us to discuss your requirements