Corporate Investigations: What do private investigators do?

The business sector requires a structured work process that focuses on accurate, validated knowledge and evidence for production, growth, and international deployment to make strategic and tactical decisions such as corporate acquisitions, vendors, suppliers, expansions, and contracts.

What do private investigators usually investigate for your business or company?

The size of the enterprise does not matter. Whether it’s a small business or a large company, there may be “bad luck” (or happy statistics) that there are “thieves” in it.

Most of the time, we are unaware of how much confidential information we are disseminating to our employees. These are the people who deal with our information every day. If it falls into the hands of competitors or third parties outside the company, not only the company’s economy but also its reputation will be damaged.

Information leakage and unfair competition

about the private investigator sydneyAt present, more and more workers use different means to engage in unfair competition with their employers.

-Information leakage. They know the company’s confidential information, for example, sales strategy, marketing, accounting, customer and supplier databases, etc., and they want to provide such information to their competitors for an economic amount of money. This type of work does not damage the employer if you can get extra money instead of providing important information to competitors.

-Unfair competition. Workers may store company-specific information, such as customer and supplier databases, and use it for themselves. Here, workers plan to start a business project similar to the company they work for and want to have a database of customers and suppliers.

-Theft of money. In a small store, an employee steals money from a box without accounting for sales, or steals money directly without being noticed by colleagues.

-Selection of personnel: Prior investigation.

One of the most important assets of a company is human resources. The right staff is the basis for meeting the needs of any enterprise and, therefore, an element that must be paid special attention to. Optimizing human resources means increasing the likelihood that a company will be more competitive.

The choice of personnel to incorporate into the staff is an important factor for the operation of the company, for which the work of a private investigator focuses on the verification and confirmation of the data provided by the candidate.

Unauthorized loss.

A worker because of a temporary restriction can be defined as the temporary interruption of work sick leave because of a general illness or occupational illness, work or non-work accident, etc. If this temporary illness is disguised, we face fraudulent losses. Problem workers can devote themselves to their own affairs at home and even use their time to perform other labor activities to earn extra income.

This attitude of workers causes economic damage to a company’s income statement, but it is also a social problem because it torments all the workers that make up the company. So, many companies are trying to tackle this problem by asking a detective agency to audit it.

Investigations focused on unauthorized casualties usually take 3 to 5 days. Most of the work needs to be directly observed, monitored, and monitored to determine the activity performed by the workers and their conformity with labor obligations. Observation or investigation should be carried out as exhaustively as possible to protect both the worker and the client.

-Management of commercial networks and distribution.

As is known, the basic activity of any company is to market a product or service. For that, most companies have a marketing network made up of human teams that are representatives who manage the company’s sales at locations outside their headquarters, visit customers during working hours, and perform scheduled routes. There are also specialist departments responsible for the transportation of trucks and other goods, whose work is subject to a variety of unforeseen circumstances (goods may be lost or damaged on the way from the company or warehouse to the place of sale). Sometimes both activities are performed by the same person.

In most cases, these professionals conduct their activities in the best possible way according to the guidelines and schedules set by the company. But there may be situations where these guidelines are not complied with or deviate from the policies and action protocols set by the company. Private investigators can provide relevant information about facts and activities that have a decisive impact on decision-making and the adoption of corrective measures if necessary. Of course, these are strictly confidential and are for observation and investigation.

Verification of union activities.

At present, the enterprise has a union representative with the function of a worker representative. The Workers’ Council can be defined as an institution that represents workers in an enterprise, comprising a proportional representation of employees according to the total number of enterprises and workplaces. In order to carry out such representative activities, the aforementioned representatives will have a series of union activities or release time and will devote that time to their activities in the union. The activities of a private investigator are related to verifying and confirming the usage of those hours and days and determining if they are dedicated to the intended activity or not.

-Mystery shopping.

The quality of customer service is one of the most important factors in assessing the success or failure of a company, regardless of its field or size. The inefficiency of customer service by employees leads to a marked decline in sales and potential customers.

Periodically assessing whether employees are responding to and paying the right attention to their customers is one way for companies to provide quality service and thus earn customer loyalty. The concept of “mystery customer” or “mystery shopping” can be defined as an activity performed by a private investigator under the guise of a customer of a company or institution in order to assess the quality of certain aspects of the services provided by that company.

Mystery shopping is a tool that companies use to evaluate employee behavior and their code of conduct. By asking investigators for the “Mystery Customer” service, companies can monitor and verify the actual behavior of their employees “with their own eyes.” Through a private investigator’s recording, you can see and hear how employees interact with customers, from the first contact to the completion of the sale. Performing such checks and changing certain actions and procedures as necessary will improve the image and brand of the company or facility.

As we have seen in this article, private investigators can provide companies with true and contrasting information, as a preventive or a solution, to identify potential problems that may affect the development of business activities, and always provide information and evidence for decision-making.

How do investigators discover suspicious people in a company?

Private investigators help to check for unethical employees in the company by providing evidence and information to the company. Let’s remember that a private investigator is the only professional suitable for this kind of business investigation.

Detectives have technical and legal means and have the knowledge to back up the leak of confidential company information by employees. The Mystery Shopper’s method can also discover whether employees are not withdrawing large amounts of money or goods, or are acting to damage the company’s economy and image. Once this information is available, the company will take corrective action to bring it back to normal.

We know the world of the company well. The structure of management, the process of decision-making, the role of workers in the social well-being of the enterprise, and in the picture, they communicate to vendors and customers, clients, and friends.

That’s why, bearing in mind the value of the market structure in Australia’s social welfare, we engage in solid business growth, obligations, social engagement, and globalization where decision-making benefits companies, their workers, communities, and the foreign identities that Australian industries express to attract investment and contribute their expertise and experience.

The essence of the private detective investigation we are conducting from Auscovert Investigations and the subsequent creation of economic and market information investigations has become a very important pillar for companies and management.

In this way, we put cost-cutting tools in the hands of local and international organizations, and our actions are based on the goals requested by our clients and the dedication of corporate investigations professional staff. Statistical and economic information tools provided by Auscovert Investigations include due diligence, manufacturer and dealer surveys, pricing, consumer surveys, and industry analysis. Of particular note is that much of it was discussed on a global scale.

From the background of private investigators and Auscovert Investigations, we have answers to the following questions: Are the individuals and organizations we employ exactly the people they think they are? Are company procedures complied with? Will acquisitions and mergers succeed, or will they end up with short-term and long-term failures? Are your employees and teams loyal?

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