Electronic Bug Sweeping in Australia

Electronic Bug Sweeping in Australia: What It Entails

Australian bug detection services are in high demand, as companies strive to protect their brands from critical reports in news channels.  Experience has taught how rapidly fake information spreads on social media. This often has a germ of truth though, that someone gleaned from an information leak and elaborated. Electronic bug sweeping is an essential tool to help prevent this.

AusCovert Investigations Electronic Bug Sweeping Service

bug sweeping in australiaWe are among the top professional bug sweep providers in Sydney, and are able to assist throughout Australia through the services of hand-picked associates. We recently acquired advanced electronic bug sweeping equipment from overseas, to help fight the scourge of commercial espionage feeding off the downturn in the economy.

Companies are becoming desperate enough to do almost anything to steal business intelligence, and strategic information from their competitors. Unscrupulous criminals are running circles around local Australian bug detection tools that were cutting edge equipment five years ago. Contact us soon if you believe you need a professional bug sweep of your office. Don’t delay; you could be in trouble now.

How Electronic Counter-Surveillance and Bug Sweeping Work

The growth of hacking on the internet has added another layer to the challenges posed by covert listening devices concealed in offices. These are incredibly discreet, although our electronic bug sweeping strategy always finds them out and then we destroy them.

However, a personal computer concealing malicious software can be even more deadly to your company’s future. Someone somewhere could be monitoring your keystrokes. Did you know that each character on your keyboard sends a signal that is common across all devices? AusCovert Investigations offers a service aimed at meeting all these essential requirements.

  • Identifying and plugging illicit information leaks
  • Analysis and risk identification of current security measures
  • The peace of mind that comes from proper due diligence
  • Proactive recommendations of essential upgrades

We do not supply or sell electronic bug sweeping equipment. Hence our suggestions are impartial advice that you can safely trust, and follow in confidence.

How to Contact AusCovert Investigations Discreetly

You will lose your strategic advantage if you contact us across a channel under illicit surveillance. This channel could be your computer, your phone, your conversations in your office, or at home. If in doubt, use a third-party channel you trust.

We are here to help. You can contact us now on the internet, or by phoning 1800 553 788 and speaking to a trusted adviser able to help.

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