How to effectively respond to a sophisticated fraud scheme

In the commercial world, where criminal structures are becoming more sophisticated and organized, robust systems and controls to prevent, identify, and respond to fraud and misconduct are essential.

fraud alert investigatorsA fraud investigator helps you respond quickly and efficiently to fraud and irregular activities by discovering facts and obtaining the evidence you need to make wise decisions.

Outside of accounting:

Explore the Database

By analyzing financial, operational, and other company systems, we employ established algorithms to detect abnormal patterns of activity, detect fraudulent schemes, and help determine financial losses.

Forensic science

Capture, process, and analyze electronic information while complying with the Chain of Custody protocol to ensure that stored electronic evidence is not contaminated for use as legal evidence. By using a digital platform and using keywords to focus on the situation under fraud investigation, it enables an efficient assessment.

Financial Data Investigations

Assist in the discovery of false or inappropriate financial information or report errors or suspected fraud. Know where to spot red flags hidden in books and records, weaknesses and violations of internal controls.

 Espionage in the workplace

To verify the biographies and other data of the individuals and companies involved in the investigation, we use a global corporate information network and access a database dedicated to the jurisdiction.

The capabilities of our team include:

Accounting for forensics

Forensic science

Accounting audit

We can analyze data from multiple databases.

Compliance with the law


Organizational Health

We are experts in the following areas:

Misconduct and unethical conduct.

Corruption and bribery

Potential conflicts of interest:

Embezzlement and embezzlement

Cyber Security

Data leakage

Deception of Financial Statements

Theft in the purchasing process

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