How to Locate Missing Family Members Proactively

Private Investigator in Sydney’s Blog: How to Locate Missing Family Members Proactively

How to locate missing family members? If you have an elderly person staying with you and their mind is going feeble, then there is a possibility they might wander away. Much the same applies to rebellious teens, particularly those aged between 15 and 17 years. Naturally you will want to find them as soon as possible. Wherever you turn for help, people are going to ask for specific information. We wrote this post so you know how to how to locate missing persons in Australia faster, with a prepared database.

You may like to bookmark this post now, so you can access our advice quickly when you need the information fast. You will feel more confident about the situation after you have been able to make a good start.

How to Locate Missing Family Members in Australia with a Data Base

We suggest you prepare a computer file, so you can store the information securely and be able to transmit it instantly to anybody trying to help. If the following list is challenging, collect whatever information you can lay your hands on. We thank the Australian Federal Police for contributing to this list:


  • Name, age, home address, and employment information.
  • If at school, details of the institution and their teachers.
  • A recent, clear and coloured photograph of the person missing.
  • Their physical appearance, including any identifying features
  • What they were wearing when last seen.
  • Their last known whereabouts, or intended travel arrangements.
  • Habits and places they may frequent.
  • Their social media accounts and main use preferences
  • Phone and banking information (phone number, bank account details).
  • Any behavioural changes, personal, medical or emotional problems.
  • Medication the person may use and what it is used to treat.
  • Background if the person has been reported missing before.
  • A poster you could print out and paste up in their favourite haunts.
  • A list of friends, acquaintances, and anyone else who might have information.
  • Telephone numbers and home / work addresses of key people in their lives.

Create a second file detailing friends and family you could reach out to for help if your family member is missing. Place this second file on the cloud for easy reference. Make a diary note to update all the above information at least every year.

Who to Turn To for Help When Someone Goes Missing

Speed is important because every hour counts. Report your concerns to the nearest police station remembering to hand over a copy of the first digital file. Print as many posters as you need to cover schools, shops, and community notice boards. Go out on social media and tell all your friends.

If you are struggling, and feeling frustrated because of a lack of progress, why not call private investigators at AusCovert Investigations on 1800 553 788 for a free first half hour consultation. We have one of the best detective teams in the country. They know to how to locate missing family members quickly and effectively.

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