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Licensed Private Investigator in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

AusCovert Investigations, is a Private Investigation agency based in Gold Coast, Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Eastern Australia. We have over 23 years of expertise as a private investigator on the Gold Coast and in cases around the world. When it comes to presenting evidence in court, our success rate is as high as 100%. Our extensive experience and track record make us the best choice for law firms, corporations, and individuals.
AusCovert team investigates as private investigators not only on the Gold Coast but throughout Australia, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, and Oceania.
There are quite a few licensed private investigators on the Gold Coast. In Australia, every town has a private detective, and there is a foreign detective in international cases.

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Anywhere in Australia, Gold Coast private investigators will follow you.

The right team of investigators and experts responds to each case and each demand. In order not to be discovered, every case requires a dedicated private investigator. Entering a university, retirement community, hair salon, or management committee is not the same as getting involved.
Furthermore, we gather evidence using cutting-edge relevant technology tools. Your competitors will never detect our technology, nor our detectives.

Gold Coast Corporate Investigator

> Unfair competition

> International Markets

> Labor investigations

> Intelligence Reports

> Due Diligence

> Background check

> Schedule control

> Work absenteeism

> Low performance

> Loss of customers

> Fake casualties

> Surveillance

> Follow-ups

> Mystery Shopping

> Goods control

The different services of a detective agency can be classified as follows:

  • Family area: Investigations of potential infidelity, separation or divorce, child custody, the ex-de spouse’s facto cohabitation, dubious actions, and social addictions.
  • Insurance companies and mutual: Verification of insurance claims, contact with harmed parties afterwards, verification of repercussions and of alleged losses, fraud, and lost profits.
  • Labor and business area: Unfair competition, market forces, simulated insolvency, pre-employment screening, absenteeism, discovery of real assets, industrial and intellectual property, subpar performance, and phoney sick leave.
  • Computer forensics and cybersecurity: Cybersecurity specialists, social network and messaging service dialogue verification, and the collection and analysis of digital evidence.
  • Digital investigations: Electronic microphone sweeps, counter-surveillance, industrial counter-espionage, and the detection of wiretaps or illegal eavesdropping are all included in this.
  • Mystery Shopper: Finding out if there is a problem that affects your company’s outcomes requires this crucial service. In order to evaluate the conduct of the employees and all the factors that influence the clients’ buying decisions, the private investigator will make a fictional purchase in the role of a client.
  • Urban lease law
  • Litigation support
  • Intelligence analysis and digital surveillance: Intelligence from social media, business intelligence, and open source information
  • Judicial expert in traffic accidents: Producing expert or judicial reports, extrajudicial expert views, and pre-extrajudicial reports.

We at AusCovert Investigations provide a wide range of services for private citizens, businesses, and legal professionals. You may be sure that our team of detectives will locate the answer that best satisfies your requirements and gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Private detectives for individuals:

Discovering infidelity, providing excessive care to others, having custody of youngsters, using drugs or gambling, disobeying the visitation schedule, being bullied at work, or falsifying documents. The most popular services we offer to people are some of them.

Private detectives for lawyers:

Unfair breaches of compensating pension or alimony, unjustifiable sick leave, unconsented subleasing, real estate occupancy. We assist lawyers in obtaining various types of evidence for legal processes as well as verifying facts.

Private detectives for companies:

Theft of tools or supplies, unethical business practises, falsification of patents and trademarks, information theft, poor work output, intrusion by the workplace, unjustifiable absences or phoney sick leaves, mystery shoppers… Keep your partners and workers from costing your business money, time, or a competitive edge.

Detectives for technological investigations:

We identify the writers of anonymous texts, pictures, and emails, as well as the producers of material that steals information from your company. In addition, we detect prospective invaders in your computer system and detect environmental and phone tapping, preventing third parties from getting important or secret information. Furthermore, we protect your privacy by deploying concealed cameras and guarding against computer espionage.

Hire Local Gold Coast Private Detectives. Why Choose Us?

AusCovert Investigations, one of the best Gold Coast’s best private investigators face challenges in both private and corporate investigations. In any situation, investigators must use every tactic to get the information their clients are looking for. Whether you’re an individual or a professional, Gold Coast detectives have access to the same methods, resources, and equipment. If the client uses the material for legal action, which can happen in both corporate and private investigations, caution and extreme caution are required due to the complexity of privacy regulations.

As a Gold Coast detective agency, we at AusCovert Investigations take great pleasure in protecting our clients’ privacy and the data they entrust to us. Private investigators work best and are most productive when there is a non-disclosure agreement that allows both parties to be frank and honest.
Knowing that confidentiality is an important and respected component of the Code of Ethics of Private Investigators is very important for those who are looking for a private investigator for the first time. Because detective professionals often need people to explain specific details to them in private or sensitive moments to initiate professional investigations.

Sound, image, photography, computing, electronics, and communications
The professional private detectives who work at AusCovert Investigations make use of certain technological tools that, together with our training and capacity, allow us to solve all types of cases since the first responsibility of an investigator is to formally document the information obtained. Among these tools, cameras and audio recorders stand out above all.
The use of covert cameras, whose technological development has been rapid in recent times, is also an interesting tool. Knowing how to search a database and properly use information and communication technologies is also an important tool for any private detective.

Think about how much people and cities will change in 50 years. Our city, Gold Coast, Queensland, has a different face than it did in 2003, when AusCovert Investigations was born. During this time, we’ve refined the way we use technology and added more tools to achieve our goals.
I have also learned to build working relationships with individuals, especially companies, to create professional reports on the matters requested and use them as the basis for internal decision-making. As a Gold Coast detective, I am able to handle a variety of cases and fields because of my more than 50 years of experience and trajectory.

At AusCovert Investigations on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on having professional private investigators with the expertise and experience required by investigations in their respective fields. Whether it’s an infidelity investigation or a business fraud case record, each investigator on our team is trained and has the skills each case needs, in addition to having the experience needed as a private investigator on the Gold Coast.

Free Consultation With Our Private Investigators in Gold Coast, Australia


    • The number of effective hours per detective, including suggested inquires
    • The private detective that will intervene in the operation has years of experience.
    • The number of private investigators who will be involved in the investigation. To save money, it will be avoided in investigations where it is not required.
    • Whether or not extra expenses, such as diets and transportation, are included in the budget and what they may be.
    • If the ancillary services, such as report writing and video and audio editing, are included.

    How much does a Gold Coast private investigator cost, Queensland? Respond with minimum $80 per hour. Hiring a private investigator in Gold is a simple process. It only takes one phone call to assess your problem and devise a strategy for investigating your spouse or partner.

    In Australia, what may private investigators legally do?

    The primary responsibility of a private investigator (PI) is to acquire information for you, the customer. People seek information from private investigators in a variety of scenarios, including locating:

    – Proof that a partner or spouse is unfaithful

    – Information that will be useful in a court procedure

    – Indicators of a person’s integrity and dependability

    – Results of a background check for employment

    – The whereabouts of a missing individual

    Private investigators not only assist individuals, but they also give vital services to businesses and governments. Commercial agents assist in the investigation of insurance fraud, supply auxiliary evidence for law enforcement, and do research for government bodies.

    If you suspect any fraudulent act in your circle, whether in the personal or work environment, or if you require evidence and information about any action, we recommend that you use Gold Coast private investigators. Detectives have the expertise, information, and equipment required to locate legitimate clues that confirm your concerns, as well as the legal knowledge to retain and present them. As a result, they are the finest option for you.

    The following are five reasons why you should hire a private investigator in Gold Coast:

    Speed and effectiveness: Because private investigators have years of experience in the industry, we always know what means, techniques, and tools to utilise to collect the proof you seek.

    Legality: Certain actions can only be carried out by researchers. A practical example is the installation of hidden cameras, which is unlawful for any person but not for private investigators.

    Evidence validity: Not all evidence is admissible before a judge. Private detectives know what type of evidence is normally accepted by a judge and even what would win a case because of their experience.

    Anonymity and discretion: Anonymity will help to avoid raising suspicions in the person being researched, while discretion will allow the private investigator to go fully unnoticed in any environment. Furthermore, a researcher or another will be allocated based on the situation, with the goal of having the optimal physical profile to access certain environments.

    Advice and trust: Private investigators have vast expertise in a wide range of cases, both professionally and personally. A detective will be able to share her knowledge and inform the person in question so that he or she feels comforted, helped, and accompanied during the enquiry.

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