Bug Sweeping by Local Private Investigators in Sydney

Do you require Bug Sweeping for Private or Corporate Reasons?

Looking for bug sweeping? AusCovert Investigations can provide this service and provide you with peace of mind. Our investigators use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct in-depth Bug Sweeps on residential homes, motor vehicles, workplace buildings and factories.  We can also provide bug sweeping on electronic devices including network cables, telephone lines, mobile phones, modems and computer equipment.

bug sweeping

Today, Australian homes, workplaces and vehicles are at a higher risk.  With technology readily available to consumers it’s no wonder threats to businesses and personal privacy is being exposed. Our bug sweeping results have found listening devices are often found hidden in customers car, offices or even their homes.  Illegal GPS vehicle tracking devices and concealed video cameras are on the increase. Our specialised and cheap private investigator Sydney team are equipped with the latest security monitoring and bug detection devices to locate and expose these items.

We recommend to be a ‘step ahead’ of any potential threats and to rather be prepared.   If you have any concerns that your privacy may potentially being invaded; contact our Senior Private Investigator to discuss your concerns immediately.

Bug sweeping and TSCM (Tactical Security Counter Measures) 

It is a highly technical field and AusCovert Investigations have the resources, knowledge and experience to detect and prevent a potential threat.

A Bug Sweep or detection investigation service is predominately started with an onsite survey to identify any illegal listening or video transmitting devices.  Our security advisers will then apply a ‘risk analysis’ and discuss any relevant background information pertaining to your case.  Our Private Investigator would then thoroughly inspect the area of interest for any transmitting devices.

In this particular investigation service, we recommend contacting us via a public phone or alternate phone externally from your place of business or home.  If you feel that you or your business is being ‘tracked’ contact our Bug Sweeping experts to arrange a preliminary consultation of your case on 1800 553 788. 

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