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Are insurance investigators reliable? Insurance investigator or insurance investigation companies occasionally engage private detectives to obtain information on people who make personal injury claims, but this does not indicate that they violate your privacy or harm your case. We promise to discover the truth.

What is an insurance investigator? 

Insurance investigators investigate insurance claims and explore possible fraud and illegal activities. An insurance investigator, in the same position as a detective, will conduct an interview, look through a pile of documents, and conduct surveillance. It deals with everything from small scams and fake identification to criminal investigations, including arson and theft.

Insurance investigators work as digital forensics. They will spend considerable effort collecting evidence such as crime scenes and traffic accidents. They are experts specialising in medical and industrial insurance research.

What Does an Insurance Investigator Do? 

In order to correctly understand the work of an insurance investigator, it is necessary to first define insurance fraud. Many people assume that only major incidents of systematic insurance company fraud qualify as fraud. This is not true. The following is a simple example of fraud:

  • To claim compensation greater than the actual amount of loss.
  • Not to reveal the real cause of the accident.
  • Changing the date of an insurance claim

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Insurance fraud is defined as an attempt to obtain insurance that an individual or company has no right to receive. This results in 2 types of fraudulent claims. Soft fraud is when you exaggerate a legitimate claim with inaccurate content to increase the amount of potential compensation. Hard fraud occurs when an individual makes a complete fabrication of an event or allegation, such as saying that someone took away a wedding ring that was actually dropped on the toilet.

insurance fraud

Types of insurance fraud

  •  False or exaggerated theft repair claims
  • Intentional damage claim
  • The owner’s “give up” (false stolen car report) and “jump in” (who was not in the car at the time of the accident).
  • Directing the accident
  • To receive compensation by falsifying the date or circumstances of the accident.
  • Rate evasion.
Background Check Specialists

Insurance fraud Investigation Process: Insurance investigators perform the following job functions to investigate fraud: 

  • Conduct a research to confirm the information provided by the insured.
  • Collect information about everyone involved in insurance claims, including witnesses.
  • Make additional inquiries to learn more about the situation.
  • Document everything, especially if it leads to a criminal case.
  • Examine existing case documentation for evidence of information falsification.
  • If necessary, keep in touch with a private detective or other professional.

Depending on the type of insurance that the investigator specialises in, the responsibility for more specific work varies. For example, a worker’s accident insurance investigator may visit a construction site to analyse the accident footage and assess whether the injury is not exaggerated.

AusCovert Investigations provides insurance investigation services throughout Australia

The management of AusCovert Investigations hand picks specialist private investigators who adhere to a specific Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.  Our team understands the complexity of claims management and provides a streamlined process for the firm or organization.

AusCovert Investigations can deliver Insurance Investigation claims and produce the results within timeframes allocated by the organization.  Our investigations are conducted professionally and do not cause any bad representation of a brand, organization or business.

All our Private Investigators in Australia have undergone National Police and Criminal History checks prior to being licensed and continue annually.  Our team understand the importance of gaining evidence ethically and professionally and perform Insurance Investigation claims to the highest of standards.

Contact us to discuss how we can provide insurance investigation assistance to your firm or organization on 1800 553 788 or alternatively, email your instructions to


Insurance investigators’ frequently asked questions in recordings

  • What is your full name?
  • Are you aware that this interview is being recorded?
  • Is it okay with you if I record your statement?
  • Can I share the details of our conversation with other adjusters?
  • Please tell us your address, phone number, and date of birth.

Did you know that insurance companies sometimes use private detectives to conduct surveillance in the case of car accidents? They are looking for information that would be detrimental to you. Insurance companies try to maximise their profits by saving as much money as possible.

Investigation of insurance claims. Once the insurance company acknowledges the obligation, it will conduct a more detailed study of the insurance claim. Ask for proof of damage or repair costs to determine the amount of compensation paid to the owner.

Insurance claims investigations use evidence, hearings, and records to determine whether claims are true or false. Depending on the type of claim, there are many types of insurance investigations.

When an insurance company mentions “investigation,” you might think it means an investigation to process a claim, but it’s actually a mechanism the insurance company employs to analyse you and decide how to handle the claim and whether you believe you can avoid paying the claim.

No, the insurance investigator can’t eavesdrop on your phone. Tapping the phone is an illegal use of electronic devices to secretly listen to someone’s phone. On the other hand, phone eavesdropping should not be confused with getting recorded statements that many insurance companies regularly make.

This varies by state, but in general, the insurance company has 30 days to investigate your car insurance claim.

At best, you should recall your lies for a period of interaction with your insurance. Insurance companies will definitely record your phone calls and other interactions to identify anomalies in your claims. In the worst case, it can also develop into a criminal case, such as a fine or imprisonment.

The first thing you should do is contact your insurance agent. If you file a claim yourself and the incident is still being investigated, you should be able to cancel it immediately.


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