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“Reliable, goal-oriented, and prompt skip tracing services”

Looking for skip tracer? AusCovert Investigations is a well-known company that offers skip tracing services. We provide a quick, effective, and accurate tracing service. Our team of private investigators compiles thorough databases and other coordinated intelligence data about the individual, company, or enterprise that has to be located. Our company use both human and technological resources, as well as tracing expertise, to find the desired individual or object.

Skip Tracing: How It Works?

To find the person, our skilled investigators employ a variety of strategies.

Record Research: To gather information about a specific person, the investigative team uses databases, libraries, courthouses, public service locations that retain records, and even the Post Office. Records of all kinds, including commercial, court, marital, and financial, are gathered. Customers can modify the record research to meet their specific demands.

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Surveillance: If necessary, close surveillance is carried out. It is essential to comprehend the person, including their routines, inclinations, and the places they live, work, and socialise.

Investigating the Background: Depending on the situation, a background check is done to better comprehend the person’s character. Interviews with friends, relatives, current and former coworkers, as well as a police enquiry to look up any criminal records, are all part of the process.

Property investigation: It is also carried out as part of this tracing service to gather a paper trail on the person who has fled. The current address of the person’s property, their financial situation, and the type of car they own must be gathered.

Telecommunication Information: To find the person, the detectives gather both recent and old telecommunication records. Finding out the person’s primary contacts and precise location is made easier by carefully reading the information.

What Is Skip Tracing In Debt Collection?

Skip tracing, sometimes known as “bounty hunting,” is the process of finding someone who has gone missing or whose location is very difficult to identify. These people disappear because they do not want to pay their debts. In this case, it is necessary to confirm the details of the debtor, study official documents, and even contact a mutual friend of the debtor.

Since the former is more cost-effective, it is more common to hire a third-party collection agency or skip tracer than to do skip tracing on your own.

Online People Locator Vs. Skip Tracking Company

  • Who can provide you with a people-finding service?
  • Can you accomplish it by yourself?
  • Do you engage a private investigator or rely on people-finding websites?
  • Do you use the services of a law enforcement agency?

When it comes to finding people, these are frequently asked questions. People-finding websites appear to be a simple way to obtain a variety of information about a person. However, all you need to do is employ a private investigator if you want factual and verifiable information that you are allowed to discuss and use in legal proceedings. The following information may be erroneous or imprecise, as some websites readily acknowledge. Private skip tracing firms specialise in conducting in-depth searches that draw on a variety of sources. The shared information on websites may be outdated and unclear. It cannot be guaranteed.

Many people mistakenly think that law enforcement can assist in discovering the fugitive, but in reality, they have more urgent problems of public safety to address. Your case may be delayed indefinitely. As a result, hiring skip-tracing investigators is taken into consideration.

Why Should You Work With Auscovert Investigations Skip Tracer?

  • We have successfully recovered a number of clients’ bed debts by hunting them down utilising expert investigations and cutting-edge technology.
  • Our service is completely personalised.
  • We also collaborate closely with our legal partners to develop the best legal strategy for our clients to recover their debts as quickly as possible.
  • All of our enquiries are kept strictly secret. We employ the most effective methods to do accurate searches.
  • Assurance of prompt service
  • Our operatives use years of intelligence gathering expertise, connection with local police and authorities, and relationships with financial intelligence and crime branch wings of various states and central governments to obtain any known information that supports our clients in tracing. We go above and beyond to discover the defaulter’s other company holdings and assets and advise our customers on how to use such assets to collect their obligations.

Are you looking to locate a missing or elusive person?  Do you need to locate a skipped tenant, missing relative or defendant?

AusCovert Investigations can provide a Skip Trace Investigation to find the person you are looking for.  Skip Tracing or ‘locating a person’ is a complicated and detailed process and requires access to restricted databases.  Our experienced Private Investigators are specialists in skip tracing investigations.  Locating a missing person requires a keen eye for detail, a high level of analysis skills and the ability to verify data all of which our team possess.

We have access to numerous databases and utilise other key investigative tools to perform successful skip traces.  Once a Skip Trace investigation file is active, our team work fast, efficiently and can yield results in less than a week, sometimes faster.  We will work closely with you and/or your organisations to meet suitable timeframes and to meet your objectives successfully.

We have executed thousands of Skip Trace Investigations and are proud of our 96% success rate.  Our local private investigators work tirelessly and exhaust all search options to ensure no stone is left uncovered.

If you need an expert in Skip Tracing to locate a missing person contact is today on 1800 553 788 or email  AusCovert Investigations have Private Investigations Australia wide and Internationally available now!



    Although debt collection is the most prevalent reason for using skip tracing services to find someone, it can also be used to trace the following people:

    • Customers or clients who have not paid for services delivered
    • Defendants who went missing or failed to appear in court
    • Defaulted debtors
    • Witnesses in court
    • Missing heirs or relatives who were supposed to inherit a state
    • People who are involved in ongoing legal actions and must be served with process papers

    • Tracing of absent borrowers who have fallen behind on payments
    • Business or firm tracing
    • Debtors’ status checks
    • Tracing of defendants and witnesses
    • Need family court paperwork such as divorce and child support

    Yes, skip tracing is allowed in Australia as long as you’re not breaking the law in order to find the information you’re looking for. Obtaining information or accessing private documentation without consent are examples of illicit ways to skip trace. Always be honest about your goals, and make sure to verify your local laws and/or business regulations, since some laws may dictate what you can and cannot do.

    Skip tracing is the process of locating a person who has fled or gone into hiding (referred to as a person of interest) in order to evade responsibilities and other concerns. The most prevalent motivation for hiding is usually financial.

    A skip tracing private investigator’s job is to try to find the whereabouts or contact information of the person of interest. In some cases, it may be able to obtain a location in real time and provide that information to a third party if there is a legal basis for doing so. It is important to note that a competent private investigator would not simply provide over material to any client without a legal basis.

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