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AusCovert Investigations is a trusted and reliable Australian Private Investigator firm providing all aspects of investigation.  Our staff and governments licensed Private Investigators are highly trained, experienced & fully insured.

Aus Covert Investigations select only the best specialists in their field who provide a fast, affordable and professional service.  Our investigators are available to assist you 7 days a week 24 hours a day and you can trust knowing your case is being handled efficiently and expertly.

We provide investigation services to;

Private and Corporate Clients
Financial Institutions
Loss Adjusters
Law Firms/Attorney
Local Councils and Government Departments
Insurance Companies
Human Resource (HR) Professionals
Safety Professionals
Caregiver or Homemaker
Business Owners
Landlord (Property Owner)


    AusCovert Investigations provide all investigation services for Insurance, Corporate, Domestic and Specialist Services.  We are notorious in the industry for providing solutions in a strategic, tactical, cost effective and timely manner.

    Contact the team today to discuss your investigation with one of our Senior Private Investigators on 0401 553 551 or 1800 553 788 alternatively, you can email your case details to

    Why Choose Our Private Detective Services



    We are known in the industry as being the top performer in facilitation.


    Highly trained, experienced, government licensed & fully insured Private investigator.

    Background Check Specialists


    Take the fear of unknowing away and the take the next step to investigation.


    All investigations are conducted lawfully and are private & confidential

    Licensed Private Investigator Sydney And Detective Agency. Our Services

    Workcover Investigations
    Infidelity Investigations
    locating assets, fraud investigations
    Fraud Investigations
    Digital Forensics
    Bug Sweeping
    Missing Persons
    Background Checks

    What To Expect From A Private Investigator ?

    Top Private Investigator Sydney, Australia

    We are renowned throughout the industry as the private investigator Sydney businesses recommend most, for covert insider investigations and solving information theft cases. Our private detective services regularly receive accolades for our personal investigations into partner infidelity, missing relatives, and internet fraud. We are the private investigator Sydney business people and families call first. You can trust us to be utterly discreet as we go about your business.

    Our team of specialist investigators provide a fast and affordable service for anyone in Sydney needing private detective assistance. We touch all bases in our industry including false insurance claims, bad debtors, and business fraud. We provide specialised bug sweeping, polygraph testing, DNA linking, and computer forensic services. We have a team dedicated to domestic surveillance, missing persons, and infidelity cases.

    Special FEATURES: (1) FREE initial consultancy; (2) Full quality services; (3) Full availability in taking your case; (4) Full efficiency in solving your case.

    Hire the Private Investigators Sydney Clients Praise Most

    We do not speculate. We investigate, find the facts, and solve our cases sooner. Our Sydney private detective team only accepts those they are confident of solving. Your first move is to call us on 1800 553 788 anytime. We do not charge a dollar for a first half hour consultation. You pay nothing for it, regardless of the outcome. If we believe we can help you, we will quote a fair price, and after that, you decide.

    Most clients come to us knowing little about the Australian private detective industry. Any private detective Sydney based requires a business licence. That’s the only legal requirement, although the Australian Institute of Private Detectives (AIPD) in Sydney self-regulates its members. Beyond that, Australians rely on their wits when choosing a private detective. This makes it so important to choose a private investigator you can trust.

    AusCovert Investigations is a  full service private investigation Company specializing in all kinds of Investigations, Pre-Martial Investigations, Pre & Post Divorce Data, Corporate Investigations, Shadowing & Surveillance, Assets Verification, Bad Debts Recovery, Fraud Detection, background searches, unlisted phone numbers, license and registration info, college education verification, criminal records and any other information you wish to obtain or verify.

    Surveillance? Best Choice of Sydney Private Investigator

    We hold full membership of the Australian Institute of Private Detectives and twelve years in the private investigator business. Moreover, we are also a proud member of the AusCovert Investigations network, Australia’s leader in private investigations nationwide. You may initially need the services of a private investigator Sydney centered. But your case may extend beyond the city boundaries, and that is when our network kicks in.

    AusCovert Investigations’ carefully constructed private detective network curtails travel and accommodation costs throughout the country, and we pass these savings on to you. You can rely on us for an affordable covert investigation solution. Did we mention we solve cases on average in less than three days? Give us a call now. The sooner we start, the fresher the trail. Do not allow it to go stale, because the investigation may take longer or run out of clues. Contact us for – (1) Surveillance – Incontestable proof of nefarious activity. (2) Surveillance (Reconnaissance) (3) Catch a Cheater (4) Cheating Spouse “Red Flags” (5) Employee Surveillance (Undercover) (6)Workers Compensation.

    Criminal Background Check by Top Rated Private Investigators in Sydney

    Professional detectives know their hopes depend on starting cases sooner, before witness memories fade as other priorities prevail. There is no substitute for a private investigator Sydney clients recommend as strongly as AusCovert Investigations. Check our reviews out. Hear what other people say. Research the competition.

    Then, when you are ready come back to us for a project plan you endorse, and a budget that is fair. Call 1800 553 788 now or post us an email when you want to get started. We assure you that everything remains confidential with us. We put clients’ interests first at AusCovert Investigations private detective services in Sydney.

    AusCovert Investigations  provides a comprehensive range of investigation services, not only in the traditional areas of investigation but also in the area of training, auditing and risk management. We have a vast array of investigative techniques at our disposal to service our client’s specific requirements. Our detective agency prides itself on offering a exclusive range of services.  We also maintain regular contact with the accounting and legal professions. We usually help our clients for the following types of background checking: (1) Background Checks  –  Verify the people in your life to avoid hardship. (2) Background Checks (Criminal/Civil/Business) (3) Employment Background Checks (4) Personal Background Checks or Investigations (5) Asset Searches (Find hidden marital or child support assets)

    What is TSCM? What is Does TSCM stand for?

    Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). It includes Bug Sweeping, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Electronic Sweeping, Counter Surveillance, Debugging or Bug Detection. TSCM are technical and physical surveys that use specialist equipment to detect, locate and identify bugging devices within your; boardroom, residential property, office or telephone systems. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are those physical and technical surveys using specialist equipment that will be able to detect, identify, locate and bugging systems that are illegally placed within your premises. Offices, boardrooms, residential premises and telephone systems are the most common to be subject to bugging devices. If you are seeking to make sure 100% confidential information or you feel that you are being eavesdropped on then local private investigator Sydney, AusCovert’s TSCM sweep maybe the best possible solution to neutralize any threats such as; Competitor activities, employees, criminals or terrorists.

    Our TSCM sweeping solution by expert private detectives will enhance and test the overall security of your organization. Our private investigators will assess where you may fall vulnerably by delivering professional advice.  Our sweeping solution not only detects but it prevents competitor activates that may harm your organization; we will be able to detect any unauthorized and illegal listening devices.

    Why AusCovert Investigations?- Affordable Private Investigator Sydney?

    AusCovert Investigations has been established since 2003 and have been working alongside corporate clients in making sure their information is kept confidential. We  offer  AusCovert’s TSCM expertise to commercial, solicitors, public and government clients. You can be assured of the highest quality service with the latest advice and techniques within the industry when you hire AusCovert team. Usually, the followings are the TSCM services that our clients ask for: (1) Bug Sweeps – Find and disable all bugs. Sanitize you’re important locations or possessions. (2) Bug Frequency Sweeps (3) Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (4) Find Hidden Cameras (5) Tapped Phones (Landline/Mobile)

    Fraud Investigations by Professional Private Investigator in Sydney


    What is a Fraud Investigator? 

    The definition of fraud is considered to involve falsification with the intention to mislead. If somebody makes promises about something, in order to miss sell the product, they may be guilty of fraud if they are aware of the false information they are giving and false advertising it. Fraud happens on a daily basis and thousands of people a day are affected by it. A private investigator will investigate the incident and determine whether fraud has taken place, if so will try to gather evidence.

    The Investigation

    If you believe you have been a suspect of fraud, you will need to take action ASAP, contact your local police department and try go down that route to start off with. If for whatever reason the police aren’t interested you can hire a private investigator to conduct the investigation for you. You will need to meet up with the private investigators to discuss the situation; they will then explain to you what they can do to gather evidence. When conducting this sort of investigation an investigator may carry out; Surveillance, asset traces, background and information checks, employee investigations, status / fit to sue reports or any other methods that will help gather evidence.

    Are you a victim of fraud?

    Fraud costs the economy millions of pounds each year and affects people on a daily basis. If you are a victim of fraud you could face losing large sums of money, in some cases you will gather enough evidence to provide to the court that you have been a victim, whereas some no evidence can be found at all. Hiring a private investigator to conduct fraud investigation can be the first and most vital step to make sure you get compensation or your money back.

    Corporate Investigations by Private Detectives Sydney

    AusCovert Investigations has developed an extensive background in corporate investigative services.  Our Field Office Managers/Lead Investigators have a prior background in either Local, State or Federal law enforcement. This type of background provides the experience necessary to successfully conclude every investigation including cases requiring criminal prosecution requiring interfacing with law enforcement officials, up to and including restitution from the suspect.

    Our Private Investigators at AusCovert Investigations provide corporate investigations for:

    • Employee theft
    • Sexual harassment claims
    • Drug investigations
    • Accident investigations
    • Workplace violence incidents or training
    • Intellectual property theft
    • Security assessments
    • Strike preparedness or assessments
    • Strike support
    • Contractor theft
    • Criminal history monitoring
    • Due Diligence
    • Asset Searches
    • Business Intelligence
    • Trade secret protection
    • Key employee background checks
    • Pre-employment background checks
    • Internal Inquiries
    • Undercover Operations
    • Counterfeit Merchandise
    • Electronic Surveillance
    • Brand Protection

    AusCovert’s Local Sydney Private Investigators Help to Investigate Your Loved One or Cheating Spouse

    So you’re dating someone, and you are considering getting serious or even committing to marriage. Yet there is just something that does not sit just right, is it time to go out and find a local private investigator? Well some things you can do on your own are the same tips as mentioned in the Investigate your nanny article. Such as a civil check and a driving record check, etc. Or just looking for catching cheating wife/husband, this is the right person who has been working these types of job since 2003.

    The chance at success in marriage is down to a staggering 50%. So that means 1/2 of people who are getting married are likely to have been married in the past. 90% of all people who get remarried never do a background check on the person they’re re-marrying, even though they themselves have been married before. An expert private investigator can help you.

    Divorce files are open in Australia, so if you are going to get married it is your right to go down to any superior Court and investigate your new partners divorce records, if they have any. Take advantage of this wouldn’t you want to know if there is any prior wife beating, child molestation, drug use, or cheating. All these things will be in a divorce record. Most people are not aware that they can do this, now aren’t you glad you read this article?

    If this is something that you do not feel confident doing yourself, look up a local Sydney private investigator and they will be happy to assist you in finding the records that you wish to find. Most private investigators can find all the info you need without ever even leaving their office.

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    What Our Clients Say About Private Investigators at AusCovert Investigations

    Kim Online Clothing Store, Sydney

    Our business was targeted by an online fraudulent business, which was costing us time, money and affecting our brand. We engaged AusCovert Investigations to investigate the activity and got an amazing result, it saved our business thank you.

    David Corporate Banking, Sydney

    We thought we had a leak amongst our staff, after engaging Aus Covert Investigations, they uncovered the matter locating a listening device in our board room.

    Linda Jewellery Store Owner, Gold Coast

    Thank you Aus Covert Investigations. Your help finding answers regarding staff theft saved our business and provided us with the evidence that we needed to pursue.

    Barbara Williums Electrical Business Owner, Brisbane

    We had doubts about a particular staff members workers compensation claim, little did we know they were working for cash whilst claiming, thank you for your help AusCovert Investigations

    Alan Realtor, Sunshine Coast.

    Found you! Thank you to the team at As Covert Investigations for locating a huge outstanding debtor. It saved us time and we were able to recoup the money.

    Whenever You Need A Private Investigator in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast as Well As NSW, Queensland & Victoria States. We are Here for You! Contact Us