Infidelity? Do you suspect your Partner is Cheating?

All Infidelity Investigations are strictly confidential and we remain completely covert during the investigation and surveillance process.   Your spouse, boyfriend, friend’s wife/husband or relative will not know they are being investigated.

AusCovert Investigations have a team of high quality Private Infidelity investigators.  We will provide you with clarity and confirm either way if in fact your partner is a cheater.

Infidelity Investigations

If you suspect you have a cheating partner; 8 out of ten times you are right! You are most likely looking for the evidence to ‘make a decision’ on where to from here or to have the proof on hand.  We have Private Investigators throughout Australia who remain private and confidential with these sensitive matters.  We will allocate an experienced Investigator/s who will conduct ‘surveillance’ on the suspected ‘Cheater’ and provide a detailed report on activity along with any video and photographic evidence captured during this time.

By taking this ‘next step’ (deploy a private investigator) to investigate your cheating partner , we can assist you making an informed decision and provide you with the evidence to move forward.

No information will be disclosed to any unauthorized persons and all files are kept in an offsite location with surveillance cameras and state of the art security systems and protocols.


1   A change in their routine

2   Mobile phone privacy /activity (hang ups, walking out of the room to take a call)

3   An increase in ‘time away’ from home

4   Working longer hours

5   Unexplained spending activity

If you are experiencing any of the above signs “Don’t Speculate – Investigate”  Contact us today and get peace of mind on 1800 553 788 or email

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