private-detective-agency for personal injury investigations

Investigate a Personal Injury Claim by a Sydney Based Private Investigator, AusCovert Investigations

Personal injury claims? The Private Investigators at AusCovert Investigation are experts in this field.  We specialize in surveillance of cases where fraudulent Personal Injury Claims may be made.

Private investigators Sydney at AusCovert Investigators can obtain photo’s, surveillance, witness interviews, scene documentation, gaining statements and gather additional evidence for the case.  Our experienced investigators will establish all the critical facts in the case and document the information accordingly in a professional and timely manner.

We work diligently with corporate organisations, law firms, government entities, the police service and the individuals.  Our investigators have the depth of experience to identify and put together the pieces of missing puzzles.

We provide Personal Injury Claim investigations throughout Australia and Internationally.  Our Investigators are government licensed and we guarantee a trustworthy and discreet service to our clients.

If you have doubt regarding a Personal Injury Claim, contact the team today on 1800 553 788 or email and investigate it.


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