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Corporate Investigations

It generally service the corporate, business and government sector. “A Corporate Investigation is a thorough investigation of a corporation, organization, or business with a view to finding what (if any) wrongdoing has been committed by employees, management, or third parties.”

With our team of experienced licensed private investigator Sydney, AusCovert Investigations can assist with your corporate investigations.

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Investigating Commercial Brands

Our corporate investigations into particular brand suppliers often begin when a company accountant tips off the board. They warn them they are over-relying on one or two brands to deliver key merchandise and stock. Franchises are a special case of hyper dependence, but retail comes a close second best.

One client of ours was a specialist retailer focusing on supplying three famous brands to their customers. When something made them suspicious they asked us to investigate. We found one key supplier was planning to open their own store in the same town. This gave our customer time to develop an alternate supply chain and cut across when they were ready.

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