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AusCovert Investigations- Private Investigator in Sydney Offers WorkCover Insurance Claim Investigations Support

Would you like to investigate a WorkCover Insurance Claim?

The team at AusCovert Investigations can provide the resources and evidence to determine if an employee may be receiving benefits deceitfully. Do you suspect and employee may be dishonest and claiming WorkCover?

Our Licensed Private Investigators Sydney can assist you in the fraudulent WorkCover claim in a discreet and ethical manner.  It’s important to engage a professional to investigate a potential deceptive employee at your first knowledge of the situation.  A Workers Compensation or ‘WorkCover’ Insurance investigation can save you time and money; Don’t speculate – investigate.

Aus Covert Investigation has licensed Private Investigators Australia wide and assist you in your claim today.  Contact us on 1800 553 551 or email


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