DNA Testing & Genetic Testing By Private Investigator Sydney

DNA Testing in Australia! DNA testing is a powerful tool for linking a particular person to a specific event. The results stand up in Australian courts. But only provided there is professional proof that samples are contamination-free.  AusCovert Investigations only works with accredited laboratories we know we can trust.

DNA Testing in Criminal and Workplace Investigations in Australia

We do DNA fingerprinting investigations to link or de-link an individual to a crime or other willful act. For example:

  • We might confirm the possibility of an employee filching stock after hours.
  • We could prove or disprove that a spiteful partner placed a covert camera.
  • We might be able to determine who last touched a mouse on a computer.

Covert DNA testing is similar to forensic fingerprint analysis. The big difference is that DNA traces are much more difficult to wipe away.

DNA Fingerprinting to Settle Paternity and Maternity Claims

A DNA-based test determines genealogical relationships and ancestral ethnicities, by mapping and comparing particular locations in the parties’ genomes. These can determine whether they are related, or whether there is a paternal or maternal link.

The method is scientifically accurate at that level. It can also confirm links between siblings and grandparents. We use DNA testing during covert investigations to prove or disprove maternity and paternity claims, and rights to support.

Testing DNA to Validate Other Ancestral Claims

AusCovert Investigations helps resolve inheritance disputes where money goes to children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and partners without mentioning names. We can test relatives who appear at a reading of a will after an absence of years. These covert investigations are especially important where there is no register of birth.

We also help with Australian family migration involving parents, children, last remaining relatives, and other dependents. They may lack formal records in their home countries after natural disasters, and human conflicts. Speak to Sydney private investigators at AusCovert Investigations first, if you need definitive ancestral proof that should stand up in court.


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