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Hidden Asset Search Private Investigator- Asset Tracing Services

Our team of private investigators specialise in Personal Identifiable Information investigations, proficient in conducting financial investigations and unearthing hidden assets of individuals. We also delve into their engagements in various companies where they might possess ownership or stake. It’s not rare that an individual’s apparent financial stature and actual wealth show a stark difference. People often choose to conceal their assets from scrutiny for various reasons, including evasion, spousal secrecy, or other confidential motives. Our meticulously undertaken hidden asset search can shed light on all concealed Australia and offshore assets.

Our Hidden Asset Investigations May Encompass:

Our expert investigators are adept at evaluating an individual’s actual wealth. They scrutinise various aspects that might be of interest, such as:

  • Australia-based assets (residential and commercial properties)
  • Offshore properties (we conduct investigations worldwide)
  • Physical assets (boats, cars, etc.)
  • Australia and offshore banking records
  • Investments (shares, bonds, etc.)
  • Trusts and trust financing
  • Pensions and insurance policies
  • Charges
  • Company shares
  • Interests in foreign companies

What Hidden Assets Can We Unearth?

Hidden Asset Investigations

Our private investigators conduct thorough investigations to uncover hidden assets in various domains. We meticulously examine any information you already possess about an individual. Once our financial investigation is concluded, we present you with a comprehensive report that can be utilised for informational purposes or legal proceedings.


The expense of financial investigations and hidden asset searches typically aligns with the extent of the investigation required. We will diligently evaluate your case and suggest strategies to explore areas where activity is most probable. Based on these suggestions and requirements, we will agree upon a plan of action and provide you with a potential cost estimate.


We prioritise discretion and care in all our hidden asset searches. We boast a dedicated team of private investigators who ensure our discretion is upheld throughout the investigation, guaranteeing clean and precise results.

Our Success As Asset Detectives

We pride ourselves on our high success rate in revealing an individual’s authentic wealth. While each case is unique and we can only uncover what exists, we consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients. Much of our research takes us offshore in pursuit of assets, and our comprehensive resources and contacts enable us to locate assets and information even in challenging regions such as UK, Central America, Eastern Europe, and Switzerland.

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