Missing persons? Are you looking for someone? Have you tried searching and had no results?

It may be time to utilise a Private Investigator to act on your behalf.  AusCovert Investigation can assist you in finding your missing person in Australia or Internationally.

You may be looking for a long lost friend, witness, family member, debtor or a tenant that has skipped town.  Our Investigators have access to national and international databases and use extensive investigative techniques to locate a missing person.

Find a Missing Person

Even if you have little to no information, our experienced team leave no stones unturned and are proud of our 97% locate success rate.  All Missing Person cases remain completely private and all enquires made during the investigation are extremely discreet.

Once your case file is open we will exhaust all resources in order to find who you are looking for.  You will receive a comprehensive report with copies of relevant search results which generally are completed within a 2-3 day period.

It may seem impossible to find your missing person, not for our team who possess the expertise in getting results.  Stop thinking and start the journey and find your missing person today!  Engage the professionals at AusCovert Investigations to obtain results, you won’t be disappointed.

Call 1800 553 788 or email casefile@auscovertinvestigation.com.au to open your case.


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