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Desktop Investigations in Australia

Desktop investigations are a valuable tool for gathering detailed information and can be used to create a profile for court, corporate, and surveillance files.A desktop investigation is performed by our experienced private investigators and clients are provided with a detailed report of their findings.  You may need to conduct a desktop investigation to;

Locate a missing person or debtor
Perform background checks on a business and/or associates
Locate a court witness
Employment due diligence

The investigation process can be a combination of a background check and a skip trace report. The team at AusCovert Investigation gather information from numerous specialist databases, social media, and the wider internet.

A desktop investigation is an investigation that uses internet database access. It can also provide key information when preparing a surveillance case. We pride ourselves on obtaining our clients’ objectives quickly and in a professional manner. There are many reasons for conducting this kind of investigation. That said, each situation is different, so if you are looking for someone or want to learn more about that person, please contact our office immediately.

Why AusCovert Investigations?

With a 20-year investigative career, they enrolled the most experienced private detectives. The AusCovert team includes former police officers, detectives, and lawyers who have been active in the Australian criminal investigation field for the past 20 years. Most of them were worked as a surveillance officer for one of Australia’s leading investigation firms.

Experience is important when choosing a private detective. Unfortunately, there are many imposters in the investigation department. In fact, most investigation companies are just marketing companies that have your case subcontracted to the lowest bidder.

Contact Professional Desktop Investigators At AusCovert Investigations

If you’re on a mobile device, just click on the website and you’ll be able to talk to the investigator. AusCovert Investigations performs desktop investigations daily and can assist you with your upcoming investigation. Please call 1800 553 788 or email to discuss your objectives.


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