Factual Investigations By Local Private Investigators Sydney

Do you need a Factual Investigator?  Do you require a professional to take a statement or conduct an interview?

AusCovert Investigations can provide factual investigations throughout Australia and abroad.  A factual investigation requires taking statements and conducting interviews for both the public and private sectors.

Factual investigators can be utilised for several reasons. These could include;

~ Interviewing Witnesses
~ Criminal Defense Investigation
~ Neighbour Disputes
~ Photographic Evidence Record
~ Taking Affidavits
~ Following up Insurance Claims
~ Motor Vehicle Accidents
~ Life Insurance Claims

Our Private Investigators in Sydney have exceptional interviewing skills and evidence report writing skills. AusCovert Investigations leave no stones un-turned and ensure all the information is gathered professionally and lawfully.  Often, statements or affidavits are used in court, and we understand the importance of documenting the facts correctly and efficiently.

Many of our private investigators have previously served in the police and military.We often assign the Factual Investigation cases to them as their experience in conducting interviews and providing detailed statements is second to none.

If you need a Factual Investigation service, please contact the team today on 1800 553 788 or email casefiles@auscovertinvestigations.com.au


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