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Most people these days worry about background checks in Australia. Australian background check firms use both face-to-face and online technology to find out more about an individual’s past. Without adequate screening of candidates before hiring employees, the company cannot be fully secured. People with a criminal record, drug addiction, or other health problems can pose significant risks to your business, including legal liability in the event of an accident. Yes, you can hurt yourself without knowing it. Luckily, AusCovert Investigations offers the effective background check services you need to future-proof your business and avoid surprises.

Background Screening For Employment: Why is it important to conduct employee background checks?

In our process society, HR professionals and managers are told not to say bad (or good) things about former employees. Many employers only report if and when someone may have been an employee. There is no specific information about performance, rewards, titles, etc. But visiting a manager, technical staff member, or a colleague and asking for candid criticism “informally” may reveal a candidate’s true nature that an interview may not reveal.

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Because of our service reliability and dependability, the majority of the clients we serve renew our contractual agreements on a regular basis.

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We have unique screening ideas and technology to operate across the country. Our specialists have preparation to handle new difficulties – all with the goal of providing quality service to our clients.

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When compared to your own in-house screening costs or those of your local supplemental background check providers, our charges are the most affordable you can imagine.

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We are able to provide our clients with extremely fast response times to service orders without sacrificing quality. Try us, and you will soon join the ranks of pleased customers who always praise our service delivery.

Australia Background Check Services By AusCovert Investigations: The Best Background Check Company

Background checks are usually done when a new employee is hired, but they can be asked for a number of other reasons as well. People in NSW and the surrounding areas hire AusCovert Investigations private detectives to do background checks for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Choose a tutor for your child’s extracurricular activities
  • To get to know someone she or he met online better before meeting them in person 
  • Background screening of new business partners
  • Tenant screening for residential and commercial leases

Private detectives at AusCovert Investigations uncover a variety of information. The scope of all background checks is determined by your specific requirements. We may contain data from-

  • Record of crimes/arrests/sex offenders
  • Educational background
  • Work history documents
  • License records
  • Financial information
  • Confirmation of immigration, citizenship, and work experiences
  • Litigation Records
  • Military Records
  • Motor Vehicle Records

We also have a number of unique sources of information created by the AusCovert Investigations team over a 23-year career in private investigations.

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Most Common Types of Background Checks Services

criminal history check-
Criminal History Check:
This is done by looking at police or government records to see if a potential employee has a criminal record. It may also be used to screen for work-related problems such as drug use and mental disorders.
job work experience checks
Work experience checks:
It often done by asking potential candidates about their previous workplaces and asking them what they did there and what they achieved.
Educational credential checks
Educational credential checks: It ensures a potential employee is rewarded with a degree or diploma or not. Companies can use these kinds of background checks to find people who have the right professional skills and qualifications.
Credit report checks
Credit report checks:
It determines the applicant’s credit history and confirm that there are no unpaid payments from creditors or debt collection companies.
social media checks
Social Media Check:
Before making an offer, search social media profiles to determine if a candidate’s social media account has a red flag.
reference checks
Reference check:
Automatic employment references are collected based on the request of the candidate.
Adverse Financial History Checks
Adverse Financial History Checks: Investigators do it to ensure financial integrity before taking on a high-level financial responsibility.
Behavioural Check
Behavioural Check:
An automatic behavioural check can be used to determine whether a candidate has ever been involved in a civil action.

Tips for choosing a background check company
A reputable company that specializes in background check services not only saves companies time and money, but it also reduces the chance of error. When looking for potential partners, employers typically ask about the following characteristics:

  • Comply with Federal, State and Local Laws and Regulations
  • Connect to critical applicant tracking and recruitment management systems
  • Strict privacy and security policies and procedures
  • Consistency with specific sector standards or organizational recruitment policies
  • Comprehensive pricing with no hidden fees

AusCovert Investigations: Your Trusted Background Check Provider in Australia

If you want to keep your hiring process simple and comply with employee screening regulations, choosing a reliable and fast background check company is important. Choosing Auscovert Investigations for your company’s background check needs guarantees fast and friendly responses to inquiries, accurate background reports, affordable options, the highest level of detail throughout the process, and a legally compliant workforce. You can expect background checks.

Auscovert Investigations has extensive experience assisting clients in a variety of areas. They have the tools and track record to conduct fast and thorough background checks in all areas.

Our Valued Clients Say About Us



    A new romance is a thrilling experience. But, unfortunately, people can be deceived by a new boyfriend or girlfriend. A new subject may be misrepresenting their past or identity, whether face-to-face or online. Online dating, in particular, is well-known for providing unpleasant experiences and encouraging predatory behavior.

    Maybe you have had a great encounter, but you want to be cautious. You may be worried that someone you care about is building a new relationship online. Our criminal history and relationship screening will help you find the answers to your questions:

    • Is he married or is he already dating?
    • Does she or he has children?
    • Is he really the one who claims he is?
    • Does he have a criminal record?
    • Any warning signs of predation?
    • Isn’t this online romance a hoax?

    Private detectives from Auscovert Investigations are fully qualified and certified in Australia. We do very thorough relationship status screening in NSW, Queensland, Victoria, and the rest of Australia to make sure that you or your loved ones don’t get cheated on.

    Before you start looking for the best background check company, you need to understand the importance of leaving your background check to a professional. Doing an internal background check can save money, but it takes a lot of time and resources to get the process started properly. Our professional background check investigators have the connectivity and data systems to get you the information you need quickly and reliably. If you are doing the background check yourself, you may have to call various legal authorities or go to court to obtain the necessary documents.

    Legal compliance must also be considered. The background check process is delicate. If not done properly, you risk being sued for workplace negligence, discrimination, and other crimes. A third-party review firm has the skills and training to lead the background check procedure while avoiding legal and other hassles.

    A corporation can only hire someone based on the information provided by the applicant without doing a background check. Such data might not be accurate or comprehensive. Companies can obtain a complete image of applicants by doing background checks, and the advantages listed below can be anticipated:

    • Boost output by selecting the top prospects.
    • Stop theft and other bad behavior.
    • Prevent workplace danger and harassment.
    • Uphold the reputation of the company and its brand

    With a few important exceptions, pre-employment screening may reveal the following information:

    • Work experience
    • Work experience and educational credentials
    • criminal record.
    • Credit History
    • Driving history

    This knowledge may not be appropriate or necessary for all duties. For example, driving history is usually not asked unless an employee drives a car as part of their job. Federal and state laws may also restrict access to criminal and credit records.

    To decide if a job applicant meets the company’s requirements for hiring, the employer will use its own policy. Criminal records, failed drug tests, traffic violations, poor credit scores, and mismatches in work history are typical examples of background check concerns. Recruitment based on such concerns must be business-related and based on business needs. Employers should get advice from the authorities on how to use criminal record information in hiring decisions without unfairly excluding people who are protected.

    The pre-employment check usually covers the last 7 years, but there are variations on this. In some states, a longer lookback period may apply to certain categories of records.

    Background checks can take from two days to one week or more. A backlog of courts and agencies, holidays, and information required from outside the Australia can cause this schedule to be extended. 

    Social media profile screening will be conducted based on your position and the organisation you applied for. Not every organisation wants to know every detail about your social media handles.

    Employers can learn about the situation from different sources. This may be done by taking advantage of a background check company like AusCovert Investigations or by creating a separate department to check all the information given.

    Australian background check laws enable employers to assess a candidate’s suitability for employment.

    Before recruiting new employees, though, background checks for child labour and arrest records are necessary. Federal laws and Australian labour laws both prohibit employers in some circumstances from ignoring a criminal history. Additionally, several positions in specialised organisations call for thorough security clearances.

    Prior to doing a background check in Australia, you must obtain the candidate’s consent and ensure the security of any personal data.

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