The Best Criminal Background Check in Australia?

Does criminal history check Australia out? Australian human rights law only allows the Australian police and accredited agencies to do official background checks, but they may only search their own database. Hence, criminals they do not know about escape their net. Moreover, they may not disclose petty crimes or pardoned offences. AusCovert Investigations provides the more comprehensive criminal background check Australia’s businesses require to help reduce fraud.

The People in Your Business Environment are Likely to Commit Fraud.

The Australian Institute of Criminology investigated the backgrounds of Australians convicted of serious fraud. They were unlikely to have a prior criminal background, but were often in trusted positions as company directors, accountants, and long-term employees. They were typically male and in their mid-forties. Many had professional qualifications too.

Being first-time offenders, they probably did not appear in police records prior to commission of the offence. If you are concerned about the honesty of an employee or a customer, you may need the broad criminal background check Australia Covert Investigations delivers.

When You Might Need a Criminal Background Check in Australia?

AusCovert Investigations is an Australian network of experienced, licenced, qualified and registered private investigators. We work as a team when a case leads to enquiries in different parts of the country. Our investigations dig deeply into the backgrounds of organizations and individuals. Here are some examples of situations that trigger enquiries:

  • A business owner considering a merger or partnership offer
  • A credit controller is of two minds about whether to extend significant credit.
  • A landlord at the point of signing a long lease but with a lingering concern
  • An employer is trying to choose between applicants for an accounting position.

Our criminal history investigations are ideal under all these circumstances. Our checks are more comprehensive and wide-ranging than police criminal history checks.

Criminal Background Checks for Private, Non-Business Purposes

AusCovert Investigations also regularly completes criminal history checks for Australian families. These are sometimes pre-marital requirements imposed by wealthy parents, or commissioned by one of the partners to help make sure the love of the other is genuine. Parents of teens also ask us to find out more about a new friend they fear could lead their kid astray.

AusCovert Investigations is available to assist with a criminal background check Australia wide for whatever reason you may have. We are discrete, so the other person should never know. To arrange a first free half-hour phone interview, call 1800 553 788 now. You may also post a message at this link.


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