Modern Surveillance in a Digital World

Sydney Private Investigations Blog: Modern Surveillance in a Digital World

Surveillance CamerasSurveillance used to be close observation of a person suspected of doing something wrong. It also applied after the event, when investigating what the person was doing with the proceeds of their crime. In the past, automated surveillance relied on closed-circuit television. However, with so much crime happening in the digital world, we thought it would be useful to discuss computer and network surveillance.

Computer and Network Surveillance in the Digital World

Computer and network surveillance in the digital world entails accessing data on a hard drive, or being transmitted across a network. Governments do this continuously, if we are to believe the media. However malicious software from the dark side of the digital world is a more immediate threat.

Network Surveillance:

Computer surveillance, or monitoring internet and data became a common criminal activity after fraudsters stole the technology.  A packet capture device intersects packages of data which it examines and analyses in order to discover valuable information. This data can include log-in details. The only way to exchange critical information safely is over a secure network.

Malicious Software:

Malicious software resides on the target computer after accessing the system using a virus or bug. It then spreads via outgoing emails, without those affected being aware it is searching their hard drives and monitoring their activities including keystrokes.

The only way to manage these assaults is downloading a cutting edge version of a leading anti-virus, internet protection service. This must be allowed to download critical updates freely. It must also be replaced when the license expires to remain up to date.

What People You Don’t Suspect May be Doing to You

Vengeful employees, shady business competitors, and suspicious spouses sometimes install malicious software on third-party computers in order to gain a strategic advantage in the digital world. Here we think of:

  • Employees looking for logins and key files that enable them to breach their employer’s data security
  • Business competitors spying on marketing plans, and names and contacts of key customers
  • Suspicious spouses wanting access to email and social media accounts in order to catch their partners out.

Speak to AusCovert Investigations If You Need More Help

Do you suspect you have malicious software on your computer, even though your anti-virus gives you a clean rating? If so, you may be interested in our advanced forensic computer cleansing service. It is far better to be safe than sorry in the digital world. Call  at 1800 553 788 to our Sydney private investigators at AusCovert Investigations now if something is concerning you and you need surveillance advice.

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