National Criminal History Record Check


Australian Police National Criminal History Record Check

National criminal history record check by Australian police. The Australian Federal Police provide an umbrella service that complements the local criminal history checks performed by Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, and Northern Territory. Hence, the national criminal history record check only applies to:

  • Residents of External Commonwealth Territories, Jervis Bay, and ACT
  • Where Commonwealth legislation requires the police to do so
  • Persons applying to immigrate to Australia
  • Persons seeking overseas employment
  • Persons seeking to adopt an overseas person
  • Persons requiring a report for an overseas visa
  • Persons residing overseas requiring an Australian police report
  • Persons seeking employment with the Commonwealth Government

Background Checks

All persons falling outside these parameters must contact the criminal records section of their relevant state or territory police service.

How the National Criminal History Record Check Works in Practice

The Australian Federal Police only call for fingerprints where legally required to do so. If this is the case, then local police provide the service, the only exception being residents of ACT. Applicants can download a police check application form, complete it, and post it to the Australian Federal Police together with the application fee and evidential documents.

As is the case with state and territory criminal history checks, the process is automatic and relies on information held on the national database. Hence, if a criminal record is missing they are unable to report it. Similarly, a serial criminal will go undetected until an Australian court of law finds them guilty. It follows the national criminal history record check is not much use to Australian business people requiring character assessments.

Situations Calling For An Independent Character Assessment

Approximately 28% of Australians are born overseas, according to the national bureau of statistics. However, the national criminal background check database only records crimes committed in Australia itself. For the foregoing reasons many clients ask us to do an extended background check of an individual under the following circumstances:

  • Business mergers, acquisitions and inbound investments
  • Establishment of partnerships / admissions of new partners
  • Appointment of key employees in accounting occupations
  • Appointment of teachers / carers of vulnerable people
  • Significant lines of credit being extended to new clients
  • Approval of tenants in commercial and private buildings
  • Ante-nuptial assessments of the character of partners
How to Arrange an Independent Character Assessment

Speak to AusCovert Investigationsprivate investigators Sydney, first, when you need more than a state or territory police check, or a national criminal history record check. Our lines are always open and you can call 1800 553 788 now. You may also leave a message by following this link. We will not charge for the first half hour of an initial conversation. We first want to confirm that we can help.

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