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The Criminal History Check QLD Detectives Perform. Under Australian human rights law, only the Australian Police and accredited agencies may do a criminal history check and release the results. Their procedure involves processing a person’s biographic details in a central index. An embedded algorithm then checks whether there is a match with police records, and whether they may legally disclose the information. For example, data concerning minor and pardoned offences is ring fenced.

Circumstances Where Police May Do a Criminal History Check QLD

criminal-background-checkThe police may only do a criminal check under the following circumstances:

  • Where an employer is recruiting to fill a position
  • Where an individual applies for registration / licensing
  • Where a volunteer is applying for a not-for-profit position
  • Where someone wants to work with vulnerable people
  • During an application to adopt a minor child
  • For Australian visa and citizenship applications
  • Where legislation requires a criminal history check

Where Does This Leave an Australian Business?

This leaves them high and dry as far as police services are concerned. The police may only otherwise investigate a person where they have grounds to suspect a crime, or an intention to commit a crime. Moreover, they already have a heavy burden of work that may take precedence.

How Our Private Investigators Help Close this Information Gap

We believe intention to commit a crime is a more pressing matter than a criminal history check for past offences. An Australian Institute of Criminology report analysed serious fraud offenders and assembled the following profile:

  • Aged in their mid-40s and male
  • Born in either Australia or New Zealand
  • Educated to secondary level, with some having professional qualifications
  • Company directors / accounting duties / stable employment
  • No prior criminal record
  • Acting alone in the commission of the offence
  • Motivated by greed or gambling

There is no guarantee an Australian Police criminal history check would have identified these criminals prior to the commission of a first offence. However, there is a fair chance an AusCovert Investigations, a private investigation company might, because they would have performed a more comprehensive background check.

How to Contact a Private Investigator at AusCovert Investigations

We are available to help if you want a prospective partner, employee, or client background checked. The same applies if you are considering entering into a serious relationship, or investing in someone else’s business. Please visit this link to AusCovert Investigations or call 1800 553 788 direct to open the conversation. There will be no charge for the first half hour of our time on the phone.

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