Criminal History Checks NSW Employers Demand Nowadays

You can’t rely on what other people think, especially when you need the quality of criminal history check NSW employers increasingly require before hiring. That’s because people seldom share a criminal record with friends, let alone family members, if they can possibly avoid it.

And even if they do know about it, they may remain silent because they want to give the person a second chance to rebuild their life anew. Moreover, it is an unfortunate fact of life that a large number of petty crimes are never reported, let alone prosecuted in New South Wales.

Therefore, more thorough NSW criminal history checks are essential.

Many of our background criminal investigations are on behalf of employers wanting to hire.  However, we also carry them out at the request of future spouses and their parents. And, of course, they are at the core of our character assessment checks.

Our goals are almost inevitably the same. We first confirm the subject’s identity, before making a comprehensive search for any proof they have been involved in a criminal activity. For example, they may:

  • Have been directly involved in a crime.
  • Had a conviction handed down for it.
  • Benefitted from the proceeds of a crime?
  • Assisted the crime by providing indirect support.
  • Knew about the crime but failed to report it.

The Reasons Behind Requests for AusCovert Investigation Inquiries

Most NSW clients for criminal history checks use them as input to the subject’s personal character. A criminal record for drunken disorderliness at university ought not to hold back the career of a responsible adult.

However, it could also be a precursor to a lifetime of crime and lack of respect for authority. The NSW police provide an effective online service. But the facts we mentioned earlier suggest this may be an inadequate judgment of character.

How Different Lines of Investigation Provide a Complete Background

Criminal Records in Australia

For example, Australian state and territory police records are not as comprehensive as those in the United States. Some local authorities there report citations without stating whether convictions, acquittals, or charge dismissals followed.

The Australian system is more conservative in so far as the public side of it is concerned. Hence, a job applicant at a retail store could have a number of unprosecuted shoplifting charges not appearing on their list.

For all the reasons provided above, our News South Wales criminal history investigators search beyond the limited information the Australian criminal history system holds. We define dishonest people by what they do, over and above what the official record says.

Print Media Research

Therefore, we often begin with print media searches where their names may show regarding events that did not lead to convictions. Official NSW criminal history records do not include this information. However, it can help align our investigations as we go forward with our search.

Searches on social media

There’s a huge amount of valuable information on social media for our internet-savvy private detectives to sift through. People share things there they would probably never admit to their colleagues at work. This could be because they feel they can trust their virtual friends with their secrets.

That’s why they sometimes share their innermost thoughts on blogs, and join private networks of people with common interests that may be questionable or downright illegal. For example, Facebook users are more forthright when complaining about bad service they receive.

We find this information helpful when assessing whether a future employee has a track record of successful collaboration, or just likes to sit in the corner and complain. However, it’s the off-the cuff remarks on Twitter and chats on Reddit that are often the most revealing of criminal minds.

Personal Credit Profiles

People who rob, steal, and defraud others have a criminal bent running through them, according to our criminal history checks in NSW and further afield. That’s because they are also more likely to dodge their financial responsibilities and not pay their bills.

Organizations like the Better Business Bureau are also good markers for assessing the character of Australia’s business people. This information helps us assess whether a criminal report that did not result in prosecution still contains the seeds of the truth.

Would You Like to Know More about Our Criminal History Checks?

We won’t invoice you for the first half hour of the conversation if you call 1800 553 788. That’s because we don’t feel it’s fair to bill time until an investigation officially starts. You are also welcome to post us an email detailing the nature of your query.


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