Background Checks on Social Media: Pros and Cons

As most people currently have online profiles, it may be tempting to use internet and social media searches as part of a pre-employment background screening.

background check 2But even though social media can be a good way to find applicants, some departments shouldn’t use social media or other internet searches to judge candidates.

Many companies use the internet in different ways to evaluate applicants. Employers may want to check the candidate’s information, review a text sample, or find out the candidate’s personal characteristics (such as how they talk about their current employer, what organisations they support, and whether they are not bragging about illegal drug use).

Employers may learn more about job applicants through social media screening, as long as the information isn’t used to unfairly discriminate against people. Employers need to be careful because social media provides employers with information that is unrelated to their work and can affect their employment decisions.

What is a social media background check?

Social media background checks are carried out when employers check the social media profiles of job seekers during the recruitment process. These are most effective when using employment screening providers. This lets you find information that would be hard to find with more traditional screening methods.

Social media background checks should only be carried out at the end of the hiring process, and there are some best practises to follow. This can be done quickly and well with the help of a company in your area that does pre-employment background checks.

Why is it better to do a background check on social media?

Traditional interviews and background checks can reveal information about candidates that social media background checks don’t have.

HRM experts say, there are risks to monitoring social media when screening applicants, but there are also risks from not doing so.

According to HR experts, employers may end up hiring “dangerous and unproductive people.” But it is very important to know when and how to do it.

What kind of information does social media have?

There may be a lot of information on social media that can help you stay away from fake jobs. For example, you can search for information in the following areas:

Personality and interests

 On social media, you might be able to find out about the candidate’s great skills.

Values compatibility 

To identify the ideal candidate, you need to not only match the skill set but also check whether the new employee is suitable for your company. You may be able to make such judgments from your actions on social media.


By examining a candidate’s social media profile, you may get more information about that person’s skills. In fact, more and more job seekers are publishing their professional portfolios through LinkedIn blog posts and YouTube videos.

Rhetoric that seems hostile or sexist

If a job applicant shares or publishes posts that encourage violence or sexism, these posts can (and should) be taken into account when deciding whether or not to hire them.

In fact, just as many people have lost their jobs due to participating in confrontational events, they have a legal right to reject job seekers who promote beliefs and feelings that social media posts are generally disliked.

Which is better to ask a background check company or do it yourself?

It is usually best to work with someone who is an expert in the field. If saving money on background checks is your top priority, you may want to try it yourself. If you are worried about the legal consequences of social media background checks, you may be better off using a background check service from a trusted employment screening company.

Hiring professional background check companies need to know how to follow the law, so hiring an independent agency can make it less likely that your company will be sued. In addition, employees of a background check company should be able to answer any questions about compliance and other elements of background checks.


While it may not be costly to do social media screening in-house, you can reduce the risk of legal consequences by using employment screening services here at

If you want to know more about the background check service, please contact us at any time. And if you already know what you’re looking for, check out our recommendations for the best background check services for different industries.

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