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Is there anything else you’d like to know about your ancestry, health or family relationships? Wanting an honest and budget-friendly DNA test or genetic test in Sydney? Well, you have made it to the right destination. DNA testing is a powerful tool for linking a particular person to a specific event. The results stand up in Australian courts. But only provided there is professional proof that samples are contamination-free.

Our DNA Testing and Genetic Testing Options

We provide DNA testing and genetic testing services for different purposes which are tailored to meet you personal or legal needs. Some of our most popular services include:

 DNA Testing For Criminal and Workplace Investigations

We do DNA fingerprinting investigations to link or de-link an individual to a crime or other willful act. For example:

  • We might confirm the possibility of an employee filching stock after hours.
  • We could prove or disprove that a spiteful partner placed a covert camera.
  • We might be able to determine who last touched a mouse on a computer.

Covert DNA testing is similar to forensic fingerprint analysis. The big difference is that DNA traces are much more difficult to wipe away.

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Paternity Test: Discovering a Child‘s Biological Father

With a high precision of 99.99%, a paternity test is a DNA test indicating the real father of a baby. For personal purposes such as confirming paternity, setting up child support and solving family disputes, a paternity test is used. This test can also be used legally in immigration, adoption, and inheritance.

For this reason, we require a DNA sample of the supposed father and the child for a paternity test. It is advised, but not required, of the mother’s participation. This test can be carried out even while still in the womb or thereafter.

Ancestry Test: Trace Your Roots and Ethnicity

Our ancestry tests are done to provide you with a genetic test for tracing your ethnicity and roots of ancestry. This is because an ancestry test can reveal where your ancestors lived, give you a sense of your family history, connect you with relatives worldwide or tell you about your specific traits and qualities.

We need your DNA sample to carry out an ancestry test. The sample can be collected by cheek swabs or blood. The test delivers results about your geographic background, ethnicity, haplogroup, genetic communities among other.

dna test, genetic test, ancestry testing

Health Test: Find Out Your Genetic Risk for Different Diseases and Conditions

A health test is a genetic test that gives you an idea of your genetic risks for certain diseases and conditions, including cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and so on. Testing is a means of becoming aware of one’s heath status.

We request a DNA sample from you in order to perform such a health test. Cheek swab or a blood sample may be used to collect the sample. The test measures over 100 genes involved in various aspects, including cardiovascular fitness, health of metabolism, neuro, immune or even other health areas.

DNA Fingerprinting to Settle Paternity and Maternity Claims 

A DNA-based test determines genealogical relationships and ancestral ethnicities, by mapping and comparing particular locations in the parties’ genomes. These can determine whether they are related, or whether there is a paternal or maternal link.

The method is scientifically accurate at that level. It can also confirm links between siblings and grandparents. We use DNA testing during covert investigations to prove or disprove maternity and paternity claims, and rights to support.

Appointment for DNA Testing Online or Genetic Testing Online

Order a Home Testing Kit or Book an Appointment for DNA Testing Online or Genetic Testing Online

It is as easy as ordering a home test kit, booking an appointment for DNA testing online or genetic testing online. Alternatively, you can either visit us online or contact us through phone or email for your order/appointment placement.

In case you opt for home testing kit option; we shall mail you a kit containing instructions on how to collect the sample from either cheek swab or blood sample depending on the type of test you prefer. We also include a prepaid envelope to return your sample to us.

In case you opt for the appointment, we will fix a suitable time for you to come over to our office located in Sydney. Welcome to our establishment and you will meet one of our staff who will guide you through the test.

What Our Clients Say About Our DNA Testing and Genetic Testing Services

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about our DNA testing and genetic testing services:

For further information or queries, kindly get in touch with us.

Are you prepared for the next step? Contact us today to schedule an appointment or order a home testing kit right from your computer. That why we there to assist you.


    These include DNA tests and genetic tests that are very accurate and reliable, including ours. Our tests are carried out with modern technology and utmost accuracy. We also strictly adhere to quality control and quality assurance procedures to guard against any mistake or contamination. In paternity tests our accuracy is 99%, for others 99.99%.

    It depends on the type of test that you select as to when the results are out. In most cases, you will get your results by either e-mail or mail within 3 to 5 business days after we receive your sample. There may be some lengthier tests such as prenatal test, or ancestry test, that may take as much as 10 business days.

    The cost of our tests is based on test type; test population; and whether it’s for personal, legal reasons. Prices for our tests are available on our web-site and/or upon request. We allow payments through different methods like credit/debit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, or cash.

    Drawing your DNA sample is harmless and easy. You can either come to our clinic in Sydney, or order a home testing kit on line. If you opt for home testing kit, you will receive a kit that contains instructions on how to collect your sample using a cheek swab or a blood sample (you can choose any depending on the type of test you require). They will also provide you with a pre-paid envelope in which to mail your sample to them.

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