A Private Investigator in Australia Fights Back Against Fraud

The Australian Police identify fraud as the most expensive crime category in the country, with deception-related crimes the largest workload in Australian courts. However, only around 25% of instances come to the attention of police.

Fraudsters tackle small and large businesses and old and young people without distinction. Many of these are too embarrassed to report incidents, because they believe they will look foolish. AusCovert Investigations wants to change this perception.

Our private investigators operate throughout Australia and are determined to bring these criminals before the courts. Call 1800 553 788 right now if you have been a victim. Or write a private email to this address in utmost confidence if you are concerned.

A Broad Definition of Fraud in Its Many Forms in Australia

Fraud occurs when someone obtains a benefit from another person through deceit, or causes them damage or another detriment. A few examples of this would include:

  • Obtaining an asset through deceit or persuading a victim to hand it to another
  • Gaining some other benefit, or causing a different loss by acting deceitfully
  • Convincing a person to do something unlawful, or to act when they should

The word ‘person’ includes a real person, a public body, a company, or an association of persons whether corporate or unincorporated.

A Digital Private Investigator Helps The Shattering Impact on Victims of Fraud

Our Australian private detectives frequently come across traumatized victims suffering severe emotional harm and financial loss. Some of these face ruined businesses, or loss of personal capital acquired over many years.

They turn to AusCovert Investigations for help when they learn we offer a discreet, professional service. A service where no one else knows what happened, without their informed agreement and for good reasons.

Top rated private investigator in australia

Fraud is an intensely personal thing where those affected feel their personal space was invaded, and their trust of other people broken. We count it a privilege to be able to provide sympathetic advice, where the victim always speaks to the same adviser every time.

We train our skilled operatives in Australia to be compassionate when interviewing victims of fraud, who come to us because of our acknowledged reputation. Our private detectives know how to help them deal with their grief, when they display one or more of these signs:

  • Blaming themselves because they fell for fraud so easily
  • Feeling guilty about having lost their family’s savings
  • Regretting not asking for advice before falling for fraud
  • Feeling embarrassed about admitting what happened
  • Isolating themselves from others in a cocoon of misery
  • Feeling a sense of betrayal because their judgment failed
  • Being angry with themselves for allowing fraud to happen

What to Do First, If Something Does Not Seem Right:  Top Australian Private Detective’s Tips

Our private detectives in Australia report one of the commonest responses is regretting not seeking advice when their ‘sixth sense’ warned them. Fraud is increasingly complex and sophisticated. However, the common denominator is a fraudster is a nice person you feel you can trust.

Moreover, some of these felons like to believe their hair-brained schemes will work out in the end, which they seldom do. At these difficult times it is wise to pause and say “Why did they single me out? What makes me so special they want to offer me this wonderful opportunity?”

The best defense is to stay informed about fraud currently trending in Australia, and to let this knowledge guide you in your business dealings, and personal transactions. If you were completely informed, and are watchful, then you should stand a fair chance of staying out of trouble.

Or You Could Ask Private Investigators in Australia for Advice

We are a network of Australian private investigators, and we share information from the four corners of the country. We are therefore exceptionally well informed about scams that are currently on the go, and how the fraudsters operate.

We regularly get calls from clients with their fingers on the button of large investments, or tempted to advance credit to someone they do not know well. Most fraudsters are prepared to allow a few days to make up their minds.

And if they do not, and insist on an immediate decision then you should have alarm bells ringing in your head. That’s because you are confronting a determined, uncaring criminal. If you go ahead, then there is probably not the slightest chance of getting your money back.

Therefore, if you find yourself in that position – and especially if you are under pressure – we invite you to call AusCovert Investigations on 1800 553 788, or to write us an email detailing your concerns.

We would love to help you avoid becoming a victim of an unfeeling fraudster. However, after this happens there is not much you can do about it, if they skipped the country or were working from overseas.

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