Bug Sweeping: 10 Signs That Your Home or Workplace Is Bugged

Do you feel like someone is listening to your conversation? You may feel you know something that people around you shouldn’t know, or you may feel you haven’t let them know. Others may accuse you of paranoia, but if you feel “something is wrong” intuitively, you may be a victim of wiretapping.


Eavesdropping can happen anywhere, for any reason. Sometimes you have a suspicious partner who is eavesdropping on your phone at home, or you have a rival who is eavesdropping on a secret meeting to rob a customer at your company. Whether you’re worried about eavesdropping in your car, home, or office. There are a few signs to determine if your worries are legitimate.

People who are not supposed to know your behavior and personal information already know.

There is a strange sound coming from the telephone line, and the volume is changing.
After I hung up the phone, I noticed a sound coming from the phone.
Strange sound interference occurs on AM/FM radios, televisions, automotive radios, etc.
The electrical plates on the walls and the tiles on the ceiling seem to be a little misaligned.
A thief entered the house or office, but nothing was taken.
When the phone rings, no one answers, or only the ringtone rings.
On the walls at home and at work, there were slight irregularities and discolored areas.
Trucks and vans are often parked in front of workplaces and houses, and there are no people inside.


On the floor near the wall, dust and fragments of drywall have fallen.

Being eavesdropped, whether in private or at work, makes you feel you are being exposed or that sensitive information is being leaked, so you will have a hard time. If you think you’re being contacted by someone, please contact the AusCovert Investigations service. We have highly trained and specialized departments that perform counter-surveillance, bug sweeping, TCSM, and debugging to ensure that every bug is detected, removed, and disabled.

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