Bug Sweeping Away Business Risks

One of the greatest business risks we face is the insider threat. That’s a trusted employee with a grievance, or a worker with a cash flow crisis that’s open to bribes. They don’t need to be senior employees. They just need access to our data. AusCovert Investigations has specialists sweeping away business risks every day.

Bug Sweeping Away Business Risks

We’re all battling a little or a great deal during this COVID pandemic. Once favoured clients have become failed businesses, and the pool of valuable clients is getting smaller. If you have competition, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are longing to read your mailing list right now.

Anyone with access to your computer system may have a chance of hacking into your server.  But they possibly don’t have to. Maybe they just have to ask the cleaner to place a bug in your executive office suite, and sell the tape to the highest bidder.

Two Scenarios Necessitating Bug Sweeping Services

bug sweeping in australiaEvery successful business faces two perils in these troubled economic times. Firstly, someone, perhaps an employee, may bug a conference room for a particular strategic session. And secondly, they may place a bug inside a senior person’s computer for a long time.

These sniping devices are incredibly easy to purchase on the internet, and install. They are often anonymous without individual identifiers. This means you may never know who placed them in your space. That’s assuming you ever find them.

Bug sweeping away these risks using electro-magnetic radiating devices, video and data signals is the only way to neutralise this risk to the financial health, even survival of a business.

AusCovert Investigations has a team of highly trained and licensed private investigators, and security risk advisers with the best state-of-the-art equipment available anywhere. They await your call to eradicate these snooping devices, but this must come from you.

You are in charge of the data security of your company.

You may be the only person in the world worrying about this eventuality damaging your company. However, those in the know, behind the scenes, may be gathering your data right now. We invite you to contact AusCovert Investigations by calling 1800 553 788 or sending us a confidential message.

We’ll arrive discreetly and work under cover as we conduct a site survey to identify and locate illegal listening devices and covert video cameras. If you call us, we won’t charge for the first half hour of telephone time. There’ll be no obligation on you to continue bug-sweeping away risks after that. Your information will always be safe with us.

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