Bug Sweeping With A Bug Detector

For Bug Sweeping, what is the function and effect of a bug detector?

If the company’s confidential information is leaked to a competitor, it is likely that the company’s premises or the vehicles it uses have worms, that is, bed bugs. This is a micrometer-diameter sensor installed on everyday items such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. It is a device that can capture audio, video, or both.

Infrared thermography- bug sweepsOnly a professional bug detector can discover the equipment of industrial espionage. To carry out this kind of cleaning, be sure to ask a specialist because cleaning amateur gadgets obtained on the Internet can go against the purpose of the investigation.

This is especially true if the subject of the investigation is in-house. Bugs are highly sensitive radio (or electromagnetic) receivers that emit audio signals when they intercept high-frequency signals.

On the other hand, bugs, voyeur devices, and spy cameras can be hidden almost anywhere. Even with a bug detector, it can be difficult to pinpoint its location in the environment of a huge company. So, our team is using infrared cameras to speed up the recovery process.

Infrared thermography is a device that creates images and records to identify places where there is a temperature change. The presence of bugs is often the cause of temperature changes, especially in places where objects are easy to hide, such as behind ceilings or junction boxes.

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