Corporate Investigations: How Well Do We Know Our Customers and Suppliers

Corporate investigations? Most business relationships evolve organically from a chance meeting, or an inquiry that pops into the mailbox. Initial orders are small and tentative so there’s not really that much at risk. Many contacts drift away after the first transaction. That’s in the nature of business. A few grow quite rapidly and end up becoming strategic. That’s the point when we need to ask how well we really know these customers and suppliers. Many of our corporate investigations resolve questions like these.corporate investigations

Corporate Investigations Into Key Suppliers of a Service

Key suppliers of services include accountants, law advisers, marketing specialists, business coaches and several more besides. We tend to pour our hearts out to them, and we share our strategies and where we want to be in the market. We inherently trust them to keep the information confidential.  This may not always be wise.

We may enter dodgy territory if a key service provider has a competing business on their books, or has hired a new employee previously with the same industry as ours. There have been some monumental scandals recently involving top business accounting firms around the world. We must tread carefully and remain alert.

Investigating Commercial Brands: Can We Rely On Continuity of Supply

Our corporate investigations into particular brand suppliers often begin when a company accountant tips off the board. They warn them they are over-relying on one or two brands to deliver key merchandise and stock. Franchises are a special case of hyper dependence, but retail comes a close second best.

One client of ours was a specialist retailer focusing on supplying three famous brands to their customers. When something made them suspicious they asked us to investigate. We found one key supplier was planning to open their own store in the same town. This gave our customer time to develop an alternate supply chain and cut across when they were ready,

Corporate Investigations Into Key Customer Loyalty

A surprising number of wholesale companies rely on four or five firms for over half their business. Any one of these could put them into net loss if they suddenly decamp. Some large corporate customers do this regularly if their markets are cut-throat. Our corporate investigations specialists know the warning signs to look for.

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