Corporate Investigator’s Tips for Dismissal of employees and unfair competition

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Top rated corporate investigator’s tips for dismissal of employees and unfair competition

Cancellation of briefing sessions for corporate staff

It is not always possible for workers to choose their profession freely. Even in a market economy where supply and demand for labor are roughly freely matched, the transfer of an employee from one company to another can be interpreted as a sign of employee misconduct. In such cases, the transfer of employees is part of a corporate strategy aimed at putting a competitor in a crisis.

Background Check SpecialistsThis is called “employee mobility” and is particularly disruptive when it comes to hiring talented and professional people or people who hold key positions within the company. This initiative embodies the principle of free movement of labor and is in itself legal, unless there is an intention to deliberately harm the competitors of the enterprise.

Some of the professional abilities are difficult to replace, and losing them can cause the production activity of the enterprise to stop. Therefore, it is essential to find hypotheses in which adoption embraces the premise of unfair competition, deceives clients, and causes them to take the best possible action against danger.

Every citizen has the right and freedom to seek a job and change jobs in order to pursue their own goals. Employees can always stop working and look for something else if they follow the notice provisions of the contract to pursue greater career or professional growth prospects, or simply to earn a greater income.

Reasons for the dismissal of employees in your business

There are many reasons why people change jobs. Just like that, there are many reasons why companies attract talented people: to be more competitive in the market and perform better. As a result, it is perfectly legal to try to recruit certain people. However, if the purpose of this action is to cause damage to competitors, the law considers this to be unfair competition and makes it illegal. That’s why it’s always required to delve deeper into specific cases to see if the personnel change was really made to boycott and damage competitors. In such cases, the company whose license has been revoked has the right to demand compensation from the other company for the crime committed. However, in order to make damages or liquidation, the court must prove the damage. The injured legal entity must prove the organizational damage caused by the sudden retirement of its staff by submitting to the court the following:

  • Organizational chart of the corporation before and after the transfer
  • The total number of personnel transferred 

It was difficult to find a specialist with the same talent as the person employed by the company for the professional positions and activities that the dismissed employee was in charge of.

  • The amount of time required to develop new human resources
  • Customers who have left, and staff who have been laid off, are all losses.

In addition, if the cancellation was made in a way that damaged the reputation of the company, damages could be claimed for damage to the corporate image of the company. In order to prove that a company has suffered significant damage and to provide valid evidence in court, it is desirable to hire a corporate investigator at that has in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and investigative fields and can fully prove the injustice of a competitor through a corporate investigation.  This work, if done by an inexperienced person, may invalidate evidence obtained through non-legal investigative methods or prevent legitimate claims from being made.

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