Counter surveillance, patent and trademark investigations

Many people have heard the term “counter-surveillance,” but some may not know exactly what this technology is like because it is not so common. Counter-surveillance is basically the investigation of whether a person is really being monitored or spied on. This is a delicate matter, as in most cases, we detectives end up investigating other detectives investigating our clients.

intellectual property investigations

This counter-surveillance begins with the person’s suspicions that they are being monitored at all times. So, to confirm the allegations, we go to a detective agency like AusCovert Investigations and do this kind of investigation to find out if it’s true or just the allegations. It is one of the top private investigators in Sydney.

The causes for which a person is being investigated can be varied and very diverse. For example, if a person in the process of divorce wants to get evidence that the other party is putting himself at risk.

It can also be that an entrepreneur is being watched by a competitor to get information about personal or work matters that would be detrimental to him. Sometimes you feel that those in power, politicians, and celebrities are being persecuted. However, sometimes, our counter-surveillance is carried out not by investigating other detectives but by individuals who are persecuting our clients for various reasons.

To uncover surveillance, a detective agency from Sydney, AusCovert Investigations, has a variety of techniques, including electronic scavenging, how to locate a microphone, and how to check for eavesdropping and phone intervention.

And because private detectives are those who perfectly know this world and the different ways of monitoring a person, and that’s exactly what we are dedicated to. We have a perfect grasp of where and how to find it.

Private investigation of patents and trademarks in Sydney

The most affected areas by these issues are those related to perfumes, clothing, cosmetics, shoes, and other accessories. Although it is difficult to eliminate counterfeit products and imitated products, the authorities spend a lot of time on this issue. However, its resources are limited, and many companies choose to hire detectives to investigate this type of crime.

The increase in the number of detectives seems to be because of the recent increase in counterfeit and counterfeit products. That is why it is normal for detectives to devote themselves to investigating whether an enterprise or entity that does not pay for intellectual or industrial property rights produces a product.

Industrial property rights give the company that owns the exclusive right to use certain products that other companies cannot manufacture. Therefore, if this intellectual property right is infringed, the person responsible for it will be penalized.

Therefore, the services provided by detectives are directed at various aspects, including the investigation of the person who was actually involved in the product’s forgery, the investigation of the distribution channels of counterfeit and counterfeit goods, and the analysis of the characteristics of counterfeit goods.

After obtaining all the data on the forgery of products protected by industrial property rights, we provide all the evidence to our clients so that they can take legal action against the perpetrators of the crime.

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