Counter Surveillance

A set of measures to look for client surveillance is here. As well as identifying the presence of spying on a client, private investigators can identify the reason for the surveillance as well as the persons who direction such a spying.

One of the detective agency’s services is counter-surveillance.

At the point when individuals detect they are being eavesdropped, they regularly contact a private investigator or a PI agency. These are typically businessmen, government officials, employees of large corporations, or any other individuals whose actions are connected to significant financial flows, who play important roles in the execution of significant projects, or who have access to any secret information. Additionally, ordinary individuals have been spied on at their spouses’ or close friends’ request.


You should not hold back in any of these circumstances! It is best to contact PI professionals who will organize counter-surveillance as soon as possible, even if it appeared for a brief moment that someone was actively interfering in your life and attempting to obtain information that could jeopardize your reputation, and sometimes even your life and health. Counter-surveillance is the most challenging type of surveillance and requires specialists with extensive training to be successful.

As the professionalism and experience of various criminal groups and private investigators in the field of counter-surveillance grow, so does their level of organization. In this regard, both our own abilities and those of our private investigators are constantly being developed. We will assist you in escaping surveillance and organizing all necessary procedures to determine why you were monitored. We know exactly how to detect the presence of surveillance on you. The detective agency employs the most efficient methods for detecting surveillance in the context of counter-surveillance.

Private investigators will be able to identify not only the target of the surveillance but also the individual conducting it. This is a crucial detail! Since nobody can ensure that this won’t repeat at a more elevated level in the wake of laying out the reality of observation and, surprisingly, naming the wrongdoers. On the basis of this, we are already in the beginning stages of counter-surveillance, attempting to identify the group of individuals who might be organizers of surveillance. In order to identify the customer, we keep an eye on the performer and accompany him to his workplace or residence. All the while, we’ll gather information about him and where he means to pursue shadowing our client.

Entrust experts with your own wellbeing and the security of your loved ones! Permit nobody to impede your own or business life!

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