Desktop Investigation Tools for the Modern Sherlock Holmes

Did you hear that Microsoft became an essential desktop investigation tool? People keep reminders of what’s preoccupying them most on the corner of their desk. Desk is metaphorical of course. A cook’s desk is in the kitchen, while a handyperson’s one could be the garden shed. Sherlock Holmes always made a beeline for a person’s writing table when he was investigating them. We provide desktop investigation services regularly, although nowadays these are on computers, laptops and phones.

How Microsoft Became an Essential Desktop Investigation Tool

Bill Gates was obsessed with data recovery as he developed his Windows, because early computers were unreliable and data could disappear. Modern computers keep shadow history files that are difficult to delete without specialist tools. We can find out a great deal if we are able to access them. If not, there is still much more we can do on the internet during a desktop investigation without leaving the office.

How a Desktop Investigation Became the Client’s Friend


We charge for our time, and we claim for case-related expenses.

Our private and corporate clients are delighted when we start their cases with a desktop investigation first without involving travel. They know the world has become so computerised everybody leaves a digital trail somewhere: Especially on the social media where they share their innermost secrets.

In its simplest form, a desktop investigation involves a structured phone call to a person of interest to a case. We often use this technique when investigating fraudulent claims against a client or their insurance. Our first goal is to establish empathy and openness with the other party.

We probe the circumstances politely by asking increasingly penetrative questions. We find many dishonest claimants give up and walk away when they discover a professional private investigator is on their trail, and we know what we are about.

Drilling Down Into Government Data Bases

Registered private detectives access government records average citizens may not know exist. We regularly use these in addition to interviews and polygraphs when doing background checks and paternity tests. These desktop investigations reveal whether a person is honest or economical with the truth, and this provides valuable clues for the direction to take.

May We Assist You with a Desktop Investigation?

Hiring a private investigator does not need to be expensive when you work with an efficient team. We may be able to resolve a concern in days, or even hours. Contact  AusCovert Investigations or call 1800 553 788 now for more information and a cost estimate for a desktop investigation.

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