Fraud Reporting and Investigating in Australia

Private Investigator in Sydney’s Blog: Fraud Reporting and Investigating in Australia

Fraud is broadly any wrongful or criminal deception aimed at achieving personal or financial gain. A fraudulent person is one who attempts to deceive others by misrepresenting personal qualities or accomplishments. Hence there is more to the crime than financial sleight of hand, although this is the area the Australian Attorney General’s office is more inclined to focus on.

Different Types of Fraud and Where to Report Them

The Attorney General’s Office recommends the following strategies:

Email, online and telephone scams ACCC Scamwatch
Financial and investment scams and fraud Australian Securities Commission
Tax scams Australian Taxation Office
Superannuation fund Australian Prudential Authority
Migration fraud Department of Home Affairs
Medicare, centrelink, child support Department of Human Services
Veterans’ entitlements Department of Veteran Affairs

However, criminal deceptions against individuals and businesses fall in the remit of state and territory police forces, and they are already overloaded with casework generally more in the public interest.

The Role of Private Detectives in Personal and Commercial Fraud

Australia has a well-regulated network of private detectives and specialist investigators. They regularly help individuals avoid criminal deception, investigate it when it happens, and evaluate the financial and personal costs. Many Australian business people and residents prefer to engage these agencies as opposed to the police. This may be because they are embarrassed about what happened, or prefer to keep the incident confidential for a variety of reasons.

Investigations in the Private Domain

Personal fraud usually involves deliberately deceiving another, regarding the fraudsters attributes and qualities. This can involve establishing a relationship to secure a financial advantage, or deceiving them with email, online and telephone scams. Financial deception through false investment schemes is becoming increasingly common. A competent private investigator could track the offender down, where after a lawyer can apply pressure to recover the money.

Investigations in the Business Domain

Bribery, fraud and corruption are increasingly common, and can lead to the downfall of an innocent private company. This not something we can airbrush under the carpet. Australian business needs to stand together and tackle it.

Much of this fraud is avoidable through background checks of individuals, businesses, and aspirant employees. Many private detectives previously served with the police. The good ones are particularly adept and identifying criminals, and outing. them.

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