Have Background Checks on Youth Workers Become the New Normal

The number of high profile cases regarding the abuse of young people is denting our faith in the system. The belief we had in the wisdom of senior church people and educators is faltering. This is despite our knowing the vast majority of them are of good character.

Today we ask the question whether background checks on youth workers should become part of the normal recruitment process. And who should conduct these given that most us feel uncomfortable questioning our peers.

This reticence becomes more marked when a familiar colleague falls under a veil of suspicion. Why is this so? Psychology Today thinks that friendship, and the trust that goes with it are ‘hard-wired’ into our neural networks.

Background Checks on Youth Workers Go Against Familiar Habits

When we meet a person – and we like them – we create a temporary association of friendship and trust in our minds. We build this into a semi-permanent network through regular re-associations over time.

Background Checks

A habit of trusting new friends gradually becomes ‘hard-wired’ if you like it in our brains. This is a layperson’s glimpse into how we cope with the richness of life, at a subconscious level.

We are not psychologists, although we are students of behaviour after decades as private detectives. Therefore we know it is never going to be easy to conduct background checks on youth workers we know and trust.

Can I Trust Your Team at AusCovert Investigations to be Confidential?

That’s a good question, and we welcome to opportunity to present the evidence. We are professionally trained, and registered for the task we do. You can take it as read we do thorough background checks on every person before we admit them to our team.

We have thousands of private investigations including hundreds of background checks behind us. These include forty-nine investigations into youth workers in the past two years. Our task is painstaking. We are proud to say we have helped remove dozens of people from positions of trust.

If you suspect someone may be abusing the innocence of young people, then please call AusCovert Investigations at 1800 553 788 in Queensland Australia now.

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