How To Find a Missing Person

How to Find a Missing Person from a While Ago

Finding a missing person in Australia who has been gone for a while may require a detailed forensic investigation because the trail has gone cold. We receive inquiries regularly from jilted spouses who hope to try again, and people wanting to reconnect with an old school friend. Knowing how to find a missing person under these circumstances involves asking some fundamental questions.

How to Find a Missing Person by Asking Fundamental Questions

Find a Missing PersonThe first thing we need to know is whether the missing person is still alive. This involves accessing individual state birth, death, and marriage records in order to attempt to determine the following:

  • The missing person’s parents’ and their own full names
  • Whether the missing person may still be alive, or has died
  • Whether they may have changed their family name to their spouse’s
  • The names of any brothers and sisters by a common parent

We may know how to find a missing person once we have this information to hand. However our investigation could become an international one, if the missing person has moved away from Australia. We can call on our national and international networks, once we have a better idea where the missing person is.

Discovering the Missing Person’s Interests on Social Media

The previous, initial phase may have yielded the full names of the missing person, their parents, their spouse, and perhaps even their children. Chances are excellent we will trace a few of these people on social media.

In our experience, they may be more willing to share information with us as registered private detectives, because of frequent phishing by strangers which is how they may unfortunately regard you.

How to Find a Missing Person on Google

If we find a missing person on social media through family networks, we hand the information to our client for our job is done. However this is not the say the other party wants to renew the relationship. Going missing is not a crime in Australia and people have their right to anonymity.

That said, if the missing person does not answer our enquiries, we do know quite a bit about their interests from their posts on social pages. The law prevents us from trailing them further in terms of our professional protocols. We hand the additional information to the client and close our file.

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