Infidelity Investigations Are a Hard, Tough Call to Make

Dictionaries define infidelity along the lines of being unfaithful to a spouse or other sexual partner. However, we have learned in the course of infidelity investigations down the years the knife cuts deeper than that. There are many more bonds than simply sex. In fact, as we grow older others assume a more compelling role.

Infidelity Investigations: The Beginning Or the End of the Journey?

We have had some success with clients reuniting with their partners after infidelity investigations uncovered the truth. Some couples have realised their lives are too intertwined to break up and go their separate ways.

We have had other cases where they rebuilt their monogamous relationships although we can’t promise that will happen.  So what are the pros and cons of infidelity investigations? Should you continue to accept what is happening, or should you ask AusCovert Investigations to find out the truth?

How to Detect the Waning Signs of Possible Infidelity

The Australian Institute of Family Studies is concerned about the personal, family and community consequences of family disintegration. The Australian government asked it to find out why marriage breakdown and divorce are increasing.

Infidelity Investigations by AusCovert

The government instructed the institute to uncover the reasons for divorce, and to suggest how marriage and family relationships be strengthened. Infidelity almost inevitably plays a role in crumbling relationships. If you are in this situation and want to save your relationship we hope the following will help.

The random telephone survey of 650 divorced Australians uncovered the main drivers behind failing relationships sometimes leading to infidelity investigations by specialists. These factors include communication problems, incompatibility, changed lifestyle desires and instances of infidelity.

However, the Australian Institute of Family Studies concluded the uptick in these problems is due to “the higher expectations of self-fulfilment in marriage and decreasing tolerance of unsatisfying relationships”. If you find yourself in this situation then you may benefit from one of our infidelity investigations.

How to Get Discreet Help from AusCovert Investigations

Our infidelity investigations are strictly confidential, and we remain completely covert during the investigation and surveillance process. You partner should not know anything is happening, unless you tell them yourself.

Call 1800 553 788 when convenient as soon as you are ready. You could also send us a silent message by following this link. We are at your service, and able to start as soon as you are.

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