Infidelity Investigator’s Blog: Understanding the Causes of Infidelity

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Marital infidelity is a prevalent issue, with approximately 25% of families experiencing it and ultimately breaking apart. Even when spouses still love each other, maintaining a normal relationship after betrayal is nearly impossible. In most instances, the spouses become adversaries, as not everyone can forgive the unfaithful party.

Factors Contributing to Marital Infidelity

Any experienced private investigator knows that infidelity rarely occurs spontaneously (though there are exceptions). Various negative factors contribute to unfaithfulness:

  • Imbalanced love between spouses: If one spouse loves the other but the feelings aren’t mutual, the risk of infidelity increases for both parties. One searches for a person they can love, and the other seeks someone who will provide the love they don’t receive in their marriage.
  • Physical separation or illness: A spouse may seek intimacy elsewhere when faced with long separations from their partner or when dealing with illnesses that limit intimacy.
  • New love interests: Even married women can be swayed by the persistence and attention of a new suitor.
  • Desire for revenge: If one spouse cheats, the other might engage in infidelity as a means of retaliation.
  • Diminished passion in marriage: A spouse may look for someone else to experience physical and emotional intimacy with if they no longer feel it with their partner.

How to Prevent Infidelity and Protect Your Family

There are instances when a family stops feeling like one. Partners may pursue new relationships without feeling disloyal in such situations. Finding a new romantic partner may entail prior marital experiences and seeking a connection with someone new frequently, casual intimate relationships happen while intoxicated.

To prevent the breakdown of your family, try to avoid circumstances that could lead to infidelity. If you suspect that your partner has already been unfaithful, consider seeking professional help to investigate their behaviour and obtain reliable information about their whereabouts. By addressing potential issues proactively, you can work towards maintaining a healthy and loving family life.

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