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Adultery can manifest itself in various behaviours, but often, spouses who live together and know each other well can intuitively sense changes in their personal relationships even without noticing any specific signs.

General Signs of Cheating Behaviour

  • A sudden increase in attention to appearance, physique, and facial grooming
  • A new, unknown password on their mobile phone
  • Constantly keeping their mobile phone close, even when it used to be left lying around the house
  • Consistently logging out of social media accounts
  • Frequent delays at work or spending time with friends
  • Claiming to have helped a colleague, hence not answering the phone

Despite not observing any of these signs, a spouse who knows their partner well may still intuitively sense changes in their relationship.

Psychologists also identify other behavioural changes that may indicate infidelity, such as a typically calm wife beginning to display aggression towards her husband. Additionally, leaving the room or stepping onto the balcony when the phone rings may also be suggestive of cheating. Other signs include deleted text messages, social media correspondences, and alterations in intimate communication patterns.

Signs of a Cheating Husband

  • Returning home at 3 am or not coming home at all, among other unusual behaviours

Additional Cases: Vague Explanations

In some cases, individuals may not provide clear explanations for their actions, only speaking in general terms.

For example, they might say they were helping a colleague, friend, girlfriend, or boss, and therefore did not pick up the phone.

Case from Detective Practice

A woman approached our agency, interested in having wiretapping and video cameras installed. She was going on a long business trip and wanted to know if her husband would remain faithful to her during her absence. We fulfilled her request.

Signs of a Cheating Wife

It’s a common belief that many men cheat. However, in practice, it turns out that women can also be unfaithful. What are the reasons for female infidelity?

Some women cheat because they don’t truly love their spouse, having married for ulterior motives. Others are unfaithful because they seek sexual satisfaction that they don’t fulfill in their marriage. And some cheat out of spite, perhaps in retaliation for their partner’s own infidelity.

Why Do Women Cheat?

There is no definitive answer to why women cheat, as different women may have different reasons and motivations for being unfaithful. However, based on some research studies and expert opinions, here are three possible reasons why women cheat, and how to prevent it.

  • Emotional undernourishment: A study published in Trends in Psychology suggests that while men cheat primarily for sexual reasons, women cheat for emotional reasons. Suppose a woman feels unheard for, alone or sad in her relationship; she might look for emotional intimacy and recognition from an alternative source. Open communication and expressing appreciation and affection towards each other can prevent this situation for couples. Therapy or counseling can be useful for couples who experience emotional detachment resulting from unsolved conflicts or issues.
  • Lack of sexual satisfaction: Although sex may not be the main reason why women cheat, it can still be a factor. Women who are not satisfied with their sex life, or who have mismatched libidos or preferences with their partner, may look for sexual excitement and variety elsewhere. To prevent this, couples need to talk about their sexual expectations and desires, and find ways to spice up their sex life. They may also explore different ways of being intimate and pleasuring each other, such as oral sex, massage, toys, etc. If there are underlying physical or psychological issues that affect sexual performance or enjoyment, such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, depression, or anxiety, they should seek professional help.
  • Opportunity and temptation: At times, females cheat merely because the opportunity and temptation present themselves. There is a chance that they will meet somebody who is appealing, delightful, or complimentary and generates positive emotions about themselves. Peer pressure, alcohol consumption or the portrayal of infidelity in the media can be some examples of social elements that impact them. In order to avoid such situations, women must be conscious of their values and limitations while refraining from compromising their principles or loyalty. Their partner, themselves, and their relationship are all affected by cheating, therefore they must think about the outcome. If someone is considering cheating, they should ask themselves if risking their partner’s trust and respect is truly worth any possible excitement gained. In addition, they ought to contemplate the future outcomes of their behavior.

Signs of a Wife Having a Lover

You should be concerned if your wife experiences frequent mood swings or becomes increasingly irritable without any apparent reason. This could indicate she has a lover.

Withdrawal and emotional distance are also symptoms of a marital cheat, as is frequently saying no to sex.

You should exercise caution if your spouse who was once jealous becomes more relaxed about your social activities like going fishing or visiting a bar with friends.

An individual raised a concern recently that he had always aspired along with his wife to travel to abroad but circumstances denied them until now when unfortunately, his wife could not join him due to the refusal made by her boss in changing her timetable despite being highly praised for being cooperative and accommodating.

In order to alleviate this person’s concerns, a private investigator may be necessary.

In reality, a private infidelity investigator can effectively confirm or debunk suspicions of infidelity, providing evidence and proof in the process. Occasionally, an investigator may uncover details unrelated to infidelity, but that have been concealed from a partner for ethical reasons. In such cases, having this knowledge can actually help to strengthen the relationship.

We recommend entrusting this sensitive and careful endeavour to experienced professionals. Our team consists of skilled detectives who are well-equipped to handle such situations. No act of disloyalty will elude their expert gaze. Let us bring clarity and peace of mind to your relationship!

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