Insurance Investigations Protecting Your Interests

Private Detective in Sydney’s Blog: Insurance Investigations Protecting Your Interests

There are some highly skillful lawyers specializing in insurance and liability claims. When you are confronted with a letter of demand that seems 100% watertight, think again unless you were actually expecting it. Our insurance investigations specialists share decades of experience. They know how to spot a fraudulent insurance or liability claim by finding signs of lies and deception.

How Insurance Investigations Block Dishonest Insurance Claims

Insurance Investigations

Insurance is supposed to be there to assist people in their genuine hour of need. Unfortunately, dishonest people try to spoil it for the rest of us by causing our premiums to increase. We protect our own interests when we take these criminals on. Their hunting grounds are places we prefer to think about as little as possible, and therefore don’t know much about either.

  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Compulsory Third Party Claims
  • Disability & Income Protection Insurance Claims
  • General Insurance Investigations (Motor, Property etc)
  • Public & Product Liability Claims
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims

There are several things an insurance investigations specialist could do if you find yourself facing one of the above.

The Logical Approach of a Trained Insurance Investigator

Our factual investigators take as long as it matters to bottom out on the true facts. There are no silver bullets or magic potions in our game. Our method is interviewing all relevant parties, determining if they are telling the truth, and developing a story line of what actually happened

We are extremely thorough when it comes to insurance investigations. We make site visits and do background checks of key players. We also take contractual obligations and prevailing law into account. Then we have a close-out meeting with our client explaining everything in detail, and handing over a complete copy of our file.

This solid method regularly provides enough information to refute a false insurance or liability claim. Most lawyers simply do not go into our level of detail, making them relatively easy to out-manoeuvre by stating the facts.

Three Ways to Benefit by Using AusCovert Investigations

We could save you time and money in three ways. First, we save you time by taking a task you don’t need off your hands. Secondly, we save you money by finding valid reasons to refuse a liability or insurance claim.

Finally, our insurance investigations team could save you costly legal fees too. If you are facing a claim and this sounds like a good idea, please reach out to private detectives in Sydney AusCovert Investigations or call 1800 553 788 now.

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