Locating Assets After a Death or Disappearance

Private Investigator in Sydney’s Blog: Locating Assets After a Death or Disappearance

Locating assets belonging to close friends and family members is not as easy as it sounds. Few people expect to die soon. Even people in their eighties hope to live another year. People who disappear suddenly without a trace are out of touch, and so again we have only our intuition.

Locating Assets Listed on a Register Somewhere

An asset is any valuable or useful thing belonging to a particular person, or a collective. Records of formal ownership are often on city, state, territory and government registers. This is a relatively easy task if we know the deceased or missing person’s full names and passport, citizenship, or medicare number.

We, AusCovert Investigations Team can then access properties, time shares, bank accounts, investments, stocks and shares, and motor vehicle records. After we do, it is up to the executor of the estate to manage these assets and ultimately distribute the proceeds.

Tracking Down Possessions Where Ownership is Informal

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Only highly organized people make it easy for people locating assets belonging to them, after they are gone. We can only think of one example where assets were neatly listed, and in this case tucked in the family bible.

In this instance we were able to track down a remote beach cottage that was still in the original owner’s name. We did not find any Sidney Nolan paintings in the attic. But we did find a stamp collection that created a stir at the auction. These strokes of luck seldom happen, of course. More often than not, we have to start with the basics like unlocking bank account details, and tracking down social media pages.

Over many years in the business we have discovered that the clue to locating assets lies in understanding the dead or missing person’s interests. This is how we found a valuable vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycle on display in a local museum.

The rest of the exercise is desktop investigating tracing social media friends, and examining conversations. Soon or later we are going to find a reference to a treasured possession. When we do, at least we know what we are looking for and we can find it using bespoke methods

How Using a Private Detective for Locating Assets Saves Money and Time

Private investigator in Sydney work takes time even when you are your own agent: That’s time that could be more productively spent on income-generating activities or social sharing. Our services may cost less than you expect. The only way to find out is to give us a call on 1800 553 788, or write and ask for a quote for locating assets.

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