Premarital Infidelity Investigations on the Rise

Infidelity investigations are very common these days. Our work as private detectives depends on the culture of society around us. What seemed taboo thirty years ago – divorce, for example – became the new normal until the wheel turned again.

Premarital infidelity investigations are another case in point. While the tradition of single partners is falling away in some sectors of society, it is still incredibly important to others.

More parents are requesting premarital infidelity investigations.

You don’t have to be married or living together to be unfaithful to your partner. If you follow social gossip columns, you may have noticed several cases of people marrying for money or title. Then they play the field as if there were no tomorrow.

This has cost a number of prominent families dearly in terms of reputation down the years, and money after messy divorces. We have noticed more people coming to us about this from all walks of life. “Please make sure our future son-or daughter-in-law is a decent person,” they ask.

How We Investigate the Character of Future Spouses

Infidelity Investigations by AusCovertWe have to tread carefully in cases like these, especially if there is power and prestige involved, because the media are always hunting for scandals. None the less, if a wife-or husband-to-be is involved with a lover, the chances are they are clubbing or dining out.

Of course, if their intended father-or mother-in-law were to tail them, they would not have a hope of remaining anonymous. This is where a professional private detective adds value. Our operatives work under cover, and we have enough of them to rotate them during premarital infidelity investigations.

They quietly follow the target person on their shift. When they notice they are meeting the same person regularly, they look for signs of familiarity between them.

This could be a hand resting on a hand, or a farewell that lasts longer than they would expect between good friends. As the affair continues through the weeks and months, we wait for our targets to become casual, drop their guard and give the game away.

That’s Where Our Investigation into Premarital Unfaithfulness Ends

We can’t go further than that, because we can’t follow them behind closed doors. However, by then we have a record of the place and time of the meetings, and possibly a long-distance photo of the lover.

The next step belongs to the parents who request our premarital infidelity investigations. We have confirmed their suspicions after they dialed 1800 553 788 and spoke to the professionals at AusCovert Investigations. Our job is done.

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