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Sunshine Coast Private Detective is a Gold Partner of Police and is proud to have been part of their team since the company was founded.

We at AusCovert Investigations, the Private Detective Sunshine Coast, are pleased to inform you that we are now a Gold Partnership with the Police. Thus, our team can do its bit to support the official police reports and disseminate them along with useful prevention tips. We are convinced that such a partnership with the community police is essential to protect people and make that collaboration closer.

Enabling the distribution of official police reports in local media is important.

As one of the gold partners of the Australian Police, we do all we can to ensure that the latest official police reports on crimes come to the public’s knowledge. We know well that the matters of criminal incidents are important for the public to know the latest information about the incidents to be able to take the necessary protection measures regarding themselves and their families. With the help of Police, we will make sure that these reports can be disseminated rapidly and widely to achieve a larger scope of target audience.

Prevention tips from the Aussie police

The other vital point about our collaboration is providing the Aussie officers’ prevention tips for spread. We especially think that prevention is an important factor for criminal reduction. Through an information campaign, we contribute to the well-being of the population by disseminating useful tips and methods provided by the police to prevent attacks of various crimes. The types of cyber crime change daily, from sexual crimes to phone scams, from cyber fraud and grandchild scams. We are able to educate people about these dangers while providing them with the tools needed to be safe.

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Providing assistance with wanted and missing person records.

Also, as a Gold Partner, we assist in the diffusion of wanted person and missing person alerts. We understand that in the successful process of missing persons search and solving crimes there is a necessity for police and the community to collaborate well. We will be publishing these reports on our platforms and in our networks as well as disseminating them fast, making it more likely for the investigations to succeed.

Warnings for the population

Another significant element of our partnership is the population educational process about various hazards. Our association is behind the police in passing warnings, especially when it comes to sexual offences, fraud by phone, via the internet and grandchild fraud. These warnings, which are made to increase the public awareness of the risks involved and to help them avoid being a victim of cybercrime, are done with such intentions.

Prevention of juvenile crime

To us, the avoidance of juvenile crime is very critical. This collaboration with the police department gives us a chance to back and propagate the programs and campaigns they develop to combat juvenile delinquency. We aim to educate youth about the negative influences of crime and show them how to productively channel their talents by engaging in such activities as community service.


The cooperation of Private Detective Sunshine Coast and the Police departments provides us the means to publish police reports and to promote crime prevention tips. We facilitate the transmitted of wanted and missing person reports and the instructions about various crimes to the public which helps to increase security in Australia. Our joint efforts aim at the enhancement of community policing where the police are closely knit with the public while the citizens are empowered to uphold law and order. We humbly walk with this cause and look forward to a lasting connection which will bear fruit in the years to come.

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