Private Detectives Blog: How to Find a Missing Person in QLD

How to Find a Missing Person in QLD? What Expert Private Investigator Says

Regular blog of the private detectives in Australia. Queensland, being the third most populous Australian state, and having a stunning environment attracts millions of visitors from Asia, Europe, New Zealand and North America – and from within the country every year. While Queenslanders hope they have a great time and leave as happy friends, it is sad truth that some do manage to go missing. Missing Persons In Australia publishes this short guide on how to find a missing person in QLD in the hope of ensuring that all turns out well in the end.

Categories of People Most Likely to Go Missing in Queensland

  • The most likely are small children who wander off in the excitement and vanish into a crowd on a busy beach or in a hectic shopping mall. Do not panic. Find the nearest lifeguard or speak to centre management. TIP Write your contact details on a waterproof bracelet and make sure they wear it.

locate missing personsNext most likely are the elderly whose memories are fading. A bracelet is a good start because they too can wander off almost anywhere at any time of day or night. TIP Carry a recent head and shoulders photo in your purse or wallet. The police know how to find a missing person in QLD but they do need to know what they look like.

Young adults are the third category. They flock to Queensland from all over the world to spend their gap year backpacking along our glorious coastline. They quite often go off parental radar for short periods but usually turn up again. TIP Give them lots of love and while they are away keep topping up their airtime.

How to Find a Missing Person in QLD Who Has Gone Walkabout

The logical first place to start is the Queensland Police. Call (07) 3055 6206 (or +61 7 3055 6206 internationally) and they will direct you to the nearest Police station you can also find listed on their station locator app. Beyond that – and especially if you are reading this from faraway – you may like to contact us for free advice on the phone.

We, the  private detectives at AusCovert Investigations have been successfully tracing missing people all over Australia for 12 years and generally find them within three days. Sometimes it takes longer especially if the disappearance is deliberate or involuntary. Notwithstanding this, you can trust us to persist and never stop looking until we succeed.


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