Private Investigator Sydney’s Tips To Find Missing Persons in Australia Long Gone

Top rated private investigator in Sydney’s tips on how to find missing persons in Australia long gone. Perhaps you last saw them at your high school graduation ceremony just before your Dad took a transfer out of town. Maybe you were close enough to have a lovers’ tiff after you said something stupid, and you ignored their calls later the same day.
Trying to find missing persons in Australia that vanished a long time ago used to be like a needle in a haystack. Nowadays we have the internet to help us search for information. When Google turns up millions of results, we can become disheartened. We wrote this post to encourage you with useful tips. If they do not turn up something, we are here to help.

Four Ways to Find Missing Persons in Australia

missing persons in australiaGo Down Memory Lane – Search your memory banks, photo albums, and diaries if you kept them. The key factors- personality, date of birth, and likely appearance now. Try to remember their special interests and career plans. If you do find them, they may have friends with similar profiles.
Then Turn to Google – Put the missing person’s name in double quotes like this “Casey Brown”. Google will regard this as a phrase and search for all the words. Do not include middle names because you will exclude too many possibilities. Also, try searching for their name plus one special interest. If you were to add the word ‘Methodist’ for example you might find a parish roll.
Time to Get Social – As membership increases, social media has become a great way to find missing persons in Australia. Your long-gone friend’s age can be critical. Facebook is a broad church, whereas Twitter and Instagram are most popular with the 18’s – 29’s. Linked-In is the place to look for people between 30 and 50 years of age, especially if they are professional and qualified.
Ask the Government – The Australian voters roll is open for inspection at any Australian Electoral Commission, and in theory, lists the names and addresses of all Australians aged over 18. Births, adoptions, marriages, and deaths are on record at state registries. These allow searches on the internet.

More Ways to Find Missing Persons in Australia- Call Sydney Private Investigators

The above tips may produce good results provided your missing friend is happy to be in the public domain. If they are in stealth mode for any reason, have fallen ill, or are incapacitated then government records may be out of date, or they may have unofficially assumed another name. If you suspect this may be the case please call 1800 553 788 for the private investigator Sydney cost. We find missing persons in Australia daily, and often just in a few days.

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