Professional Private Investigators Offer Desktop Investigations

Desktop investigations are the most basic form of customer-focused, structured telephone questioning technology that aims to quickly verify genuine claims and identify “high-risk” claims against both investigation and compensation companies.

Desktop Investigation Service:

Background Check SpecialistsThe primary purpose of the desktop investigation service is to build empathy and trust with customers while interviewing them, incorporating behavioral psychology. This ensures a pleasant customer journey for customers who have genuine claims and non-confrontational disclosures of inconsistencies and injustices in terms of the percentage of claims that are not true in part or in whole.

Our desktop investigation services ensure a consistent, auditable, and accurate risk assessment, with fair treatment of all customers first.

We will focus on the events that occurred before and after the claim and related matters. We can use desktop investigations as part of any process if the information obtained during the interview affects the financial results.

Effective desk investigations, besides reconciliation and repudiation, give the third result, “walkaway”. However, we use subliminal signals to provide clients with incorrect answers with the option of not pursuing further claims, and we realize “walkaway”.

The key points are: 

We use Desktop Investigation for things like car theft, damage claims, creditor claims, traveler’s claims, and liability assessments.

AusCovert Investigations team is well versed in both insurance and psychology.

A full delegation of authority service is provided for travel insurance and household insurance claim types. We are confident that if we find any inconsistencies, more traditional investigative procedures can be used if necessary, and the additional costs will be justified.

AusCovert Investigations team provides final report. Our final report clearly sets out key findings, verification of facts leading up to the occurrence, risk assessment, insurance and liability inquiries, and key conclusions and recommendations based on recorded desktop investigation interviews.

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